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As part of the BlizzCon 2018"target =" _ blank ">BlizzCon 2018 we have lots of information about the current World of Warcraft (buy now for 13,00 €) Extension Battle for Azeroth get. We now know what we are in Patch 8.1.5 and patch 8.2 "target =" _ blank ">Patch 8.2 expected and got a rough overview of the upcoming content. At the end of this year's BlizzCon, it was time to let the community have their say. In the traditional WoW Q & A panel, visitors to the show were able to ask their questions to Game Director Ion Hazzikostas and the entire development team. There were of course all sorts of PR talk as answers, but also some interesting information. We have clearly summarized the most important findings of the panel for you.

WoW: The Q & A panel at BlizzCon 2018 – all information

  • The decisions that Horde players may make during the Battle of Lordaeron and also in a forthcoming quest series are a kind of experiment by the developers and may be more common in the future. But only if there are any relevant consequences.
  • Chris Metzen emerges from the audience, speaks out and asks when the true Horde Warchief will finally return? Of course, Chris Metzen alludes to Thrall, whom he not only lends his voice to in World of Warcraft, but is also always associated with him. The developers say that they may soon be looking for a new warchief on Orgrimmar's bulletin board, and they'll get in touch with him.
  • The 20 percent additional auction fee for some merchandise set individually will not be removed. It is currently necessary for the auction house to handle the load. However, the developers want to revise the entire system of the auction house in the future, so that no longer represents a problem.
  • Armor and weapons that you receive on any of the Classic servers will not be unlocked for transmogrification on Battle for Azeroth's live servers. The two servers will remain strictly separate so that no player feels compelled to play on the Classic server.
  • Class-specific relics, such as books that can be hung on the belt, have been featured in a recent blog post, but are harder to implement than the developers thought. Nevertheless, it is still working on it.
  • Blizzard is not happy with how the leveling feels right now (new talents and abilities only after many level ascents). They know that something has to change in the way from 0 to the maximum level and constant new levels per extension does not work permanently. A level squeeze is discussed internally, but the developers fear what it would feel like to suddenly be only level 60. However, they currently have no answer how they want to solve the problem.
  • Blizzard has created much tougher standards of toxic players in the past year than in the past. They respond to every message, even though they themselves admit that communication about it is not as good as it should be. One of the reasons for this is that often larger research is needed to really make sure that the player has really made toxic statements. It also implements technologies from other Blizzard games that can better track chat and conversation and track down toxic gamers.
  • A viewer asks why so much randomness is involved and is loudly celebrated by the audience. – The developers do not want a completely ausrechbare loot, as it was then, for example, in WotLK with the brands. But you also know that complete coincidence does not feel good, even if it has always been part of WoW. There used to be a lot less prey. Today you get more loot, but the chance is smaller, that it is really what you want to have. To counteract this, in the upcoming patch "Tides of War" will be the dealers where you can buy Azerite armor. This is to keep the feeling that you can always get something cool with a boss and at the same time be sure that no one has to wait too long for an important item.

  • Although the weekly Mythisch Plus box does not get an intelligent loot system, it should be reworked soon so that you do not get an item for the same slot four times a month.
  • Currently, players in their Azerit items do not have enough choices about the individual perks. With tides of war, the items therefore get another ring with specific traits. In the further patches, the developers will introduce more Perks and throw out old ones to give the player a greater choice of combinations.
  • The developers are happy that offensive cooldowns are on the global cooldown. Even though this may feel strange in some ways of playing. However, the developers see the solution as being in overhauling these abilities instead of just taking them down from the global cooldown.
  • Utility and movement abilities, such as Heroic Leap, on the other hand, are relieved of global cooldown with tides of war. Which abilities this concerns in detail, did not betray the developers yet.
  • The coloration of the armor is technically very complex and will therefore by no means come into play for all armor. However, developers can imagine a system by choosing between different colors for future armor pieces.
  • The developers are happy that some classes can shine in special situations. They prefer to use a certain class to handle a specific niche task, as if six different ways of playing each could solve them with a certain talent.
  • Although there was no sharding in Classic, it will be targeted on the upcoming Classic servers, but very little used. Especially for the start, when a lot of players are on the way. But this should not be necessary as soon as possible, when the players are leveling off.
  • Whether Gallywix will get new story content, wanted / could not answer the developers. However, they plan to use the cannon in Azhara. (Editor's note: The developer laughed at the statement, so it might have been more of a joke)

  • The restrictions of transmogrification will be maintained in the future. However, it should soon be possible to mock fist weapons on one-handed weapons.
  • Sylvana's story is not over yet and there is still much to discover. Compared to her, what Garrosh has brought to the world is downright amateurish – at least Alex Afrasabi says.
  • Since you play in war fronts and island expeditions not against other players, but against the AI, PvP talents will not be available there in the future.
  • The return of the animal sets is currently not on the plan. It should stay with the raid sets in the medium term. However, the developers do not want to completely rule out the return of the classic animal sets.
  • Currently TBC servers are not planned. The developers are focused on Classic, but do not want to exclude the possibility.

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