WoW: Good neighbor! Housing Ideas for World of Warcraft - Column

WoW: Good neighbor!  Housing Ideas for World of Warcraft - Column

There would be a hit list with wishes from the community of World of Warcraft ( buy now for 8,75 € ) , Housing would still be top of the list. The eternal yearning for a home for our heroes has been ours in the 14 years since the release of Online role-playing game only satisfactorily fulfilled; The garrison is among many fans of online role-playing only as a nicely-intentioned attempt of Housing. On the one hand, the developers focused on building a fortress and not just a simple dwelling place for you alone; not to mention the lack of individual furnishing options. On the other hand, the creators of WoW have deviated from the original plan that you can build your garrison where you want. Finally, the Allies were trapped in Shadowmoon Valley, the Hordlers in Frostfire Ridge. Far from the shot. On the butt of the heath, so to speak. So guaranteed no housing and community feeling. The problem did not crop up at the Mists of Pandaria farm because of its positioning in the heart of the Valley of the Four Winds. But the farm was just that: a farm that also lacked opportunities to freely design the “home”. We forgot the Order Halls from Legion, because even members of the warring faction trample through the sacred halls. So what does WoW need to offer a home to those who long for housing? City-Country-River

The equipment of the Suramar houses makes any Orgrimmar orc pale with envy.

Source: buffed

If Blizzard’s designers once again tried the instanced housing, then certainly not Jottwede, but in the heart of the activities of our characters, where they are constantly frolicking. Suramar would have as the end of WoW: Legion perfectly fitted. Suramar is alive! Everywhere, NPCs are rushing to their programmed activities, doing their daily business as our fighters mingle with the night-natives. Given the fact that WoW heroes at Level 110 put tons of hours into the nightmare’s reputation grandson, a small area within the city could have been used for housing. In particular, the love of detail with which each area of ​​Suramar was decorated and designed, is unprecedented given the state of previous cities. At this point, we can only hope that Zuldazar and Boralus get as much devotional love in Battle for Azeroth. Most of Suramar’s houses that you can enter are comfortably furnished; Places like the “Immermondviertel” and the local market are equipped with lots of knick-knacks and decorative objects, which ensure a pleasant and dense atmosphere. In short, it’s just a blast to stroll through the streets. At this point the designers could have started – they did not do it. Housing with the others

Housing in Wildstar

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If we look at the housing of other online role-playing games, there’s really no reason why it should not work in World of Warcraft. Two variants are the most common: MMOs like Wildstar offer housing away from the normal game world – in this case as a flying home island, in which owners and visitors can be teleported. Games like ArcheAge however, Housing provide in the game world, with a fixed number of building sites around which the characters regularly wrestle. Often the second version of the Housing boils down to the fact that not enough space is available for all heroes. Since we can hardly imagine that the developers of Blizzard Thus, the variant of instantiated areas outside the game world is the more meaningful version. Everyone has a roof over their heads

But … then the fans would again face the garrison problem. Unless, of course, the Blizzardians would reserve an area of ​​a popular and busy city exclusively for housing. The farm and the garrison have already proved that this works through phasing. Soloists who are interested in an apartment or a small house get exactly that: an address in the city and not where the pepper grows. So that not every accommodation looks the same, five to ten different apartments would be available in the living area. You decide which domicile best suits you and your gold bag.

Living by the water would be possible, among other things, in Stormwind – most houses are empty anyway.

Source: buffed

The same could be arranged for complete guilds. Suppose you are alliance. What if some of the areas on the Stormwind canals are closed to housing? Most of the buildings are empty anyway – as in most other cities of the Horde and the Alliance. So, you zone into the area of ​​your guild, five to ten houses with different layouts and room layouts are available. Depending on which hut suits you, you conclude a lease with the guild, because then also some coal lands in the cash register of your community. These houses – as well as the apartments for singles – are once again packed into a new phase. After all, there are clans with well over ten members. You do not have to quarrel about the accommodations, just pick the one that suits you best. Not lonely together anymore If you cross the threshold of “your” house, you are in your own private phase. If you step out of the building, you come to a kind of community space and you can meet there with other heroes. In the case of the Guildhouses you will meet there exclusively members of your union. And in the case of homes for single people, you’re just randomly diced by the system with a few other players in a phase. In the case of a sense of community, however, it would be important for the neighbors to always remain the same. It would be weird to wake up every morning and constantly see someone strangers looking out of the window. In this way, the developers would be able to bring community back into play and even offer the opportunity to make new friends. Why has not it been a long time?

This is an interesting question. Given the fact that the creators of World of Warcraft have been experimenting with phases and private instances for several years, it is not understandable that there is no housing yet. Even the placement of furnishings should not be an act, because we can already park one or the other ability exactly at our desired locations. Well, there is still a huge difference between the free placement of a spell and that of an object. Our guess is that the engine of the now-aged online RPG just does not allow such accurate settings; at least not the players. It can not be due to missing assets. As already mentioned, Suramar is replete with pretty tinnefs, even the old continents have a lot of furnishings in store – in Dalaran alone there are beer benches, skull candlesticks, yes, even a genuine professional coffee maker! It’s about time that the heroes gain power over their private lives – and finally find a home to shut down! advertisement: World of Warcraft order now at Amazon

04:14 WoW: Battle for Azeroth – Flight over the Storm Valley – the new alliance zone in the video

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