Wow! Jennifer Gray was engaged to two stars in a month

With Jennifer Gray (62), the men were apparently in line! The American actress made her international breakthrough in 1987 with her role in Dirty Dancing alongside Patrick Swayze (✝57). She will also be in the sequel to the dance flick. In her younger years, things were also going well for the TV actress in her private life: apparently she could hardly save herself from admirers. Jennifer was engaged to two stars in a month!

Granted, Jennifer isn’t exactly proud of how she’s in “The Drew Barrymore Show” revealed. In 1987 she became engaged to her fellow actor Matthew Broderick (60) – but only shortly after the engagement broke up, another man put a ring on her finger. “I was engaged to Matthew Broderick and Johnny Depp in the same month”the 60-year-old admitted almost in a whisper.

Johnny and Jennifer met in 1989 and got engaged just two weeks later. In an interview, the Hollywood celebrity raved about her romance with the Pirates of the Caribbean star: “We were young. For me, this guy was the answer to my problems. This guy was sweet, loving, romantic, crazy about me and beautiful.”

Matthew Broderick in March 2022
Johnny Depp im April 2022
Jennifer Grey im November 2018