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Freiburg study - illegal parking is worthwhile Freiburg study - illegal parking is worthwhile

Wrong parking can be economically worthwhile

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Morally wrong, economically right: If you don’t buy a parking ticket, you park your car cheaper than honest road users.

SPX/Fribourg. Illegal parking can be worth it. For example in Freiburg, as a study by the Munich University of Applied Sciences has shown. Because the probability of being caught is low in many parts of the city and the parking ticket costs are high at the same time, illegal parking is worthwhile for rationally weighing traffic offenders. The experts see drastically higher prices for parking tickets as the only solution.

The researchers divided the city in Breisgau into hexagons for their study. Based on the respective number of parking offenses and the frequency of checks, the probability of being caught illegally was then determined. The risk can then be related to the amount of the fine. Result: In 61.3 percent of the central hex hours and in 94.4 percent of the outlying hex hours, it is economically advantageous for motorists not to pay parking fees.

The study discusses possible measures. A higher density of controls would shift the cost-benefit calculation for parking offenders, but would cost the municipality a lot of money. Almost 100% coverage would be completely unprofitable from an economic point of view. Alternatively, the parking fees could be reduced, which would also change the cost-benefit analysis of illegal parkers. According to the researchers, this possibility also falls away, since it would lead to a further increase in traffic in the districts concerned. According to the researchers, the only logical consequence is to increase the penalties. However, these are regulated nationwide via the Catalog of Fines Ordinance and cannot be individually adjusted by the cities.