Wuling is Out of Patience! Officially Launches this SUV to Destroy the Toyota Innova

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Not to be outdone by the others, Wuling officially launched an SUV as a competitor to the Toyota Innova.

This SUV from the Wuling manufacturer is claimed to have designs and features that are no less interesting than the Toyota Innova.

So don’t be surprised if the SUV from the Wuling manufacturer is always juxtaposed with the Toyota Innova.

Then what are the forms and specifications of the SUV? In order not to be curious, see below.

As quoted by Portal Kotamobagu from Chanel YouTube @Auto DP, the car is labeled Wuling Victory.

Wuling Victory is an SUV that is currently being developed to build a brand in the domestic market.

As information circulated, Wuling Victory will enter the export market starting in 2022.

So, here are the specifications for the Wuling Victory car.

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