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Wundschuher Strasse, Styria, Austria

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Wundschuher Straße is next to Kleinsulz and is located in Styria, Austria. Wundschuher Straße has a length of 0.02 kilometres. But it is splittet in seperate ways: 1 2 3 4 5 6 .

  • highway: secondary
  • is_in: Kalsdorf bei Graz, Graz-Umgebung, Styria, Austria, Europe
  • maxspeed: 50
  • ref: L381

Latitude: 46°56’16.44″
Longitude: 15°28’23.88″

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Near by ,,Wundschuher Straße´´
third-order administrative division Fernitz, Wundschuh, Zettling, Weitendorf, Werndorf, Kalsdorf bei Graz, Mellach
castle Weissenegg Castle, Pfeilerhof Castle
farm Thalerhof
lake Wundschuher pond, Forster pond, Poniglteich, Neuteich
populated place Grosssulz, Audörfl, Steindorf, Ponigl, Greith, Dillach, Wagnitz, Kleinsulz, Murberg, Gradenfeld, Neudorf ob Wildon, Kasten, Forst, Forst
seat of a third-order administrative division Wundschuh, Werndorf, Mellach, Weitendorf, Gössendorf, Fernitz, Kalsdorf bei Graz
power station Gas turbine power plant Neudorf, steam power plant Neudorf
stream Ferbesberg
valley Grazerfeld

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