Würzburg: 32 new pieces of luggage at the memorial site

Würzburg. The “second opening” of the Würzburg “DenkOrtes Deportation” recently took place in front of the main train station with new accents. The “DenkOrt for the deportees and those murdered in the deportations from 1941 to 1945” was established over a year ago.

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32 new pieces of luggage were added to the 47 already there. There will be more openings until the number of 109 is reached. Because the communities of Lower Franconia are asked to contribute a suitcase, rucksack or blanket roll for their former Jewish community. This time the stroller that was delivered from Theilheim set a new accent. It was inspired by a photo of the third deportation, which shows a woman from Theilheim with a pram. Inside lay the one and a quarter year old Hanna Klein, who was also sent to her death at the time.

In addition to the speeches by the Mayor of Würzburg Christian Schuchardt and the Chairman of the Central Council of Jews, Dr. This time, Josef Schuster spoke for the district administrators of Lower Franconia, Florian Töppner, the Schweinfurt district administrator. The districts also wanted to support this Lower Franconian-wide memorial in order to meet their responsibility.

Zehranur Manzak spoke for the Würzburg Alliance for Civil Courage and Democracy, which wants to make young people aware that courageous behavior in the present is required for the benefit of those who are marginalized.

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Takayo Miura, a turner from Bad Kissingen, highlighted the contribution of her turner class. Several rolls of luggage in the DenkOrt come from the works of their classmates.

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In order to demonstrate the regional reference also musically, it was trombonists from the vocational school for music who framed the event with 200 participants.