Würzburg/Langenprozelten: emergency operation after… | Radio Gong Wuerzburg

The police actually wanted to take him into custody, but in the end he had to have an emergency operation.

A 38-year-old man wanted to take different trains from Berlin to Frankfurt via Leipzig and Bamberg. On the way he probably met a group of football fans. A quarrel ensued. At around 8:30 a.m., the police were to take the man into custody at the Langenprozelten stop because he was very drunk.

But because the person must be able to do this, a doctor looked at the 38-year-old and sent him to the Würzburg clinic instead of the cell. There, the doctors discovered that the man’s spleen had ruptured and that he urgently needed emergency surgery.

The operation went well and the man is out of danger. From the hospital, however, he reported to the responsible police station and filed a complaint against unknown persons for serious bodily harm.

Because he was so drunk, he no longer knows how the injury happened or who is responsible for it.

In order to find out, the Würzburg federal police are now asking for information from witnesses who observed something about the incident on Sunday morning, May 8, on the RB 53 trains from Bamberg to Würzburg and RE 54 from Würzburg to Frankfurt am Main.