Würzburg / Main-Spessart: vaccination appointments fully booked | Radio gong

The corona vaccination appointments in the region are currently experiencing a massive rush. Appointments for vaccination offers in the Würzburg area were activated on Monday – by Tuesday noon all appointments available for this week were booked out. As the Würzburg District Office has confirmed, the request is immense. The capacities are to be increased – but when is still unclear. As reported, a new vaccination center will start work on Wednesday in Margetshöchheim and on Thursday in the Würzburg district of Lengfeld. In order not to jeopardize a smooth start of the new vaccination offers, new appointments can only be approved when all organizational details have been clarified, according to the district office. That’s why there were only vaccination offers for this week for the time being. If you want to book an appointment, you currently have no other option than to keep checking whether new ones are available, according to the district office. Because: appointments could be released again and again.

In addition, the health authorities point out that those wishing to be vaccinated should first and foremost pick up their spades at the doctor’s office.