Würzburg shines orange against violence against women

The message is clear: enough! Violence against women and girls is a violation of human rights! The global organization ZONTA, together with various partners in downtown Würzburg, draws attention to this. On this Thursday, buildings are to be illuminated in orange. The campaign, in which numerous companies such as Eaton Place, Wöhrl, Sparkasse Mainfranken, WVV, Optik Horn, Tee Gschwendner and Optik Kresinsky take part, starts at 5.30 p.m.

The background to the annual action is the international day against violence against women and girls on November 25th. “Every second to third day in Germany a woman is killed by her partner, and this statistical figure from last year is only the tip of the iceberg,” explains Gundula Viering, President of the ZONTA Club Würzburg Electra. The women of the club, alongside the UN Woman, demand a legally enshrined right to a place in the women’s refuge, the expansion of prevention offers for women and long-term financial support. To draw attention to your demands, some striking Würzburg buildings light up orange. The city of Würzburg also participates in the campaign in a supportive manner.

In addition, an information stand of the ZONTA Club is to be set up at the four-tube fountain, where interested parties can get further information. The municipalities of Gaukönigshofen, Winterhausen, Gelchsheim, Estenfeld, Güntersleben, Höchberg and Rimpar with the districts of Maidbronn and Gramschatz as well as the district office of Würzburg are involved in the district. There, too, some buildings are supposed to glow orange.


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