Würzburg waiting room – Sport –

You would like to know how it actually works in detail when you enter the business premises of the Würzburger Kickers as a qualified soccer teacher. The people in charge of the third division have been looking for a new coach so often in the past twelve months that there is definitely one or the other routine when such an interview is due again.

Maybe the candidate has to take a number and then sit down in the waiting room first. Maybe, you don’t know, he has to register somewhere and then state what his name is, where he comes from and whether he is currently looking for something long-term – then he would not fit into the Würzburg scheme.

So how does it work when the Kickers invite a trainer to their office on Dallenberg? As can be heard, there are currently at least three contact persons who could report firsthand on this question because they have seen the waiting room from the inside in the past few days. For example, you could ask Holger Bachthaler, the former coach of the Bavarian regional league team FV Illertissen. In the summer, Bachthaler, 46, was eliminated after three years with the south-west regional division SSV Ulm, but there he scored almost two points per game on average.

It is quite conceivable that Bachthaler was sitting across from Roberto Pätzold in the Würzburg waiting room. He also talked to the Kickers, although a few weeks ago it was still thought that Pätzold, 42, was in such a close relationship with FC Ingolstadt that he certainly won’t be looking for anything long-term in another city. But at the end of September Pätzold had to leave because he was about as successful with his second division team as the Kickers a class lower with Torsten Ziegner. In Würzburg it is now the preferred solution for Jochen Seuling, the man who has temporarily taken over the duties of the dismissed sports director Sebastian Schuppan.

Seuling thinks Pätzold is good, Santelli thinks himself good, Jäger also has a few ideas

The only problem is: those responsible for the Kickers do not agree. This is one of the reasons why the search for a successor for Ziegner is protracted. Seuling thinks Pätzold is good, junior manager Ralf Santelli thinks himself very well, and Christian Jäger also has a few ideas. The CEO would have liked to exchange this with Schuppan, but on Monday of last week he was suddenly supposed to inform him of his absence.

Shortly before, Schuppan had one last conversation with Ziegner and his assistant Michael Hiemisch to convey the news that they no longer have to carry out their duties on the training ground. Although Ziegner had only won one of his eleven games, he no longer understood the world of football; a little later, Schuppan also found out about his leave of absence in a three-minute exchange.

Now the Kickers are looking for management staff again, but a decision is not expected before Wednesday. The next game will be on Saturday at Viktoria Köln, in the city where a certain Dirk Lottner comes from. Lottner, 49, was born in Cologne, he played for FC and later also worked as a coach for the club’s youngsters. Until April he was employed by the regional division Energie Cottbus, previously working for 1. FC Saarbrücken for almost three and a half years, also in the fourth division.

In Würzburg, Lottner could succeed Sebastian Neumann and Dieter Wirsching, who are currently looking after the team temporarily and who won a test match on the Sieboldshöhe last Thursday. In the 3: 1 against the regional league team Sonnenhof Großaspach, the Kickers looked transformed, especially in the first half. This is primarily due to the two interim coaches. As Wirsching says, Neumann has “an analytical eye” when he’s on the sidelines, and Wirsching himself is one thing above all: enthusiastic. Together, the two of them demand a lot, their speeches are clear, and so is their mission. They should loosen up and ensure order. However, they do not have the necessary license to work permanently.

In the end, Wirsching thinks, the team lacked leadership. That was his first impression when he took over the team with Neumann a week ago. Those who make the best impression on those responsible after their stay in the waiting room must also be able to do that: be approachable by all players – and go ahead.