WWE Raw Results for December 12

Complete results from the December 12, 2022 episode of WWE Raw.


On the program for this episode of WWE Raw on December 12, 2022 live from Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Bayley against Alexa Bliss for the place of challenger of Bianca Belair, Seth Rollins against Bobby Lashley for the place of challenger of Austin Theory and a match between Candice LeRae and IYO SKY.

Troubled challenger Alexa Bliss

It is with the match between Alexa Bliss and Bayley that we start the evening. Becky Lynch arrives to rid the ringside of Dakota Kai and IYO SKY, then Bianca Belair comes to settle in ringside to take a closer look at the match which will designate her next opponent for the title of champion of RAW.

Alexa Bliss a battu Bayley by pinfall with a dropkick and the Twisted Bliss, taking advantage of a distraction from Belair.

After the match Bianca Belair joins Alexa Bliss in the ring, the challenger goes to take the champion in her arms but the logo of Bray Wyatt appears on the screen and Bliss is about to carry the Sister Abigail on Belair before stopping , surprised herself by her gesture.

Video recorded earlier on Monday shows Alpha Academy arriving in a car, exiting it pissed off as if the SmackDown milk sprinkling had just arrived. The OC arrive at the same time and laugh at Chad Gable and Otis. A match between AJ Styles and Chad Gable is announced for immediately after.

Karl Anderson is absent, AJ Styles explains in passing that he is in Japan to take care of some business. It is known that an agreement between WWE and NJPW was made possible recently so that Anderson could defend the NEVER Openweight title.

AJ Styles defeated Chad Gable by falling with his Styles Clash.

Behind the scenes Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis ponder how to spend the money they earned last week. On the board an idea shows Iron Man armor for the two wrestlers, but Candice LeRae reminds them that it’s almost Christmas and that they should think about it. Gargano suddenly has an idea. You could see Nikki Cross hidden behind, obviously she also has an idea.

Street Profits and Akira Tozawa face Judgment Day (Finn Bálor, Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio) in the next match.

Judgment Day defeated Street Profits and Akira Tozawa by pinfall with a Razor’s Edge from Priest on Tozawa while the referee was distracted. Mysterio pinned.

Double or Nothing

Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis therefore bought goodies for the fans present in the arena with the money won last week. We find them backstage and then around the ring, offering t-shirts and other goodies in the public until a person hooded in a sweatshirt steals the rest of the money.

Adam Pearce quickly steps in and demands the Miz return the money. The Miz begs Pearce he wants his money back and is ready to make another match for it.

Gargano, speaking for Lumis, says the latter is okay with a new match. But it will be a ladder match in which “both sacks” will be in play. The Miz blocks on “both”. Gargano explains to him that they will not bet their money, if the Miz does not put some in turn in the match. « Double or Nothing, baby! »

The Miz isn’t very excited, mainly because he has no cash. Gargano doesn’t want to believe that he doesn’t have money to stake, to which the Miz replies that he obviously has money, in his account… But managed by Maryse. Gargano therefore proposes to Adam Pearce to disguise Miz as Santa’s elf, and to force him to distribute the rest of the gifts to the public.

We thought their rivalry was over, but that’s not the case. The Miz is still well respected anyway.

IYO SKY a battu Candice LeRae by falling with his Moosault.

We are shown footage of Matt Riddle being beaten up by Solo Sikoa and reminded that he will be out for six weeks.

Elias wants to reconnect with Kevin Owens

Interviewed backstage, Kevin Owens is interrupted by Elias. Owens, already not very happy to be interrupted by Elias, is not going to jump for joy when he asks him to help him at ringside for his match tonight. Owens tells him that he hasn’t forgotten what happened between them earlier this year, to which Elias replies that it was his brother Ezekiel. But the Canadian doesn’t want to know, and also reminds Elias that he hit him with his guitar the last time they saw each other in the ring. Elias, however, insists on having Owens at ringside.

Before his match against Solo Sikoa, Elias gives a small concert in tribute to Matt Riddle. The latter even wrote a song for Elias and about Elias, whose lyrics are written on a piece of paper rolled up in the shape of a drumstick because it’s Riddle.

Solo Score by battu Elias by falling with his Spinning Solo.

After the match Solo attacks Elias with the help of Sami Zayn and hits him with the Samoan Spike, before placing his head in a chair in the corner of the ring, but Kevin Owens ends up coming to Elias’ aid. Sikoa wanted to attack Owens, but Sami Zayn held him off.

Elias, wanting to thank Kevin Owens by hugging him, takes a Stunner from the Canadian. Because he hasn’t forgotten.

A promo for WWE Tribute To The Troops 2022 airs, looking back at the first edition in 2003 in Iraq and the show through the years. The 2022 edition will take place this Saturday.

Asuka faces Rhea Ripley for the next match and no longer wears face paint.

Rhea Ripley a battu Asuka by falling with his Riptide. Asuka was holding Ripley in her Asuka Lock but Dominik Mysterio intervened to pull Ripley’s foot into the ropes so the Japanese let go of the rope. In retaliation, Asuka spits her mist in Mysterio’s face, but Ripley uses the moment to carry her finisher.

We find a little later on Judgment Day with Mysterio in the infirmary, he can no longer see anything.

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Seth Rollins again challenger to Austin Theory

This episode ends with Austin Theory’s United States Championship challenger match between Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley.

Seth Rollins a battu Bobby Lashley by pinfall with a Pedigree countering a spear.

The referee fell out of the ring trying to avoid taking an accidental hit from Rollins who was getting out of the Hurt Lock. Lashley then managed to deliver a first spear but the referee did not return in time to make the count of three.

After the match, Lashley went to the referee and started bullying him when Adam Pearce came up next to tell him that he had already warned him, but Lashley didn’t want to hear it and shoved Pearce into the public barriers. Pearce is furious and tells Bobby Lashley that he is fired.

A little episode of WWE Raw far too quiet. We have challengers for the titles of RAW and the United States of course, a Bobby Lashley returned to the storyline, but the rest is very calm for three hours of show.