WWE Raw Results for October 31

Complete results from the October 31, 2022 episode of WWE Raw.


On the program for this episode of WWE Raw from October 31, 2022 live from Dallas (Texas), Roman Reigns is in the game, Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley in an interview, Nikki Cross against Bianca Belair and Matt Riddle against Otis in a match Trick or Street Fight to celebrate Halloween.

The evening begins with the match between Bianca Belair and Nikki Cross, back with her original gimmick. Goodbye the almost superhero, we’re back on the right footing.

Bianca Belair a battu Nikki Cross by falling with his KOD. Damage CTRL came during the match, with IYO SKY and Dakota Kai distracting the referee while Bayley dealt with the champion, but Nikki Cross took on Bayley and her two partners to get the match back on track.

Damage CTRL attacks Bianca Belair after the match, but Asuka and Alexa Bliss come to her rescue. No more trace of Nikki Cross, it’s no longer her business.

In an interview later, Alexa Bliss and Asuka challenge IYO SKY and Dakota Kai to a Tag Team Championship match later tonight.

Brock Lesnar wants real

Bobby Lashley settles in for an on-screen interview with Brock Lesnar, but the latter is not there. Lashley says he’s not surprised Lesnar has been avoiding him for 20 years. But what he doesn’t know is that Lesnar is there tonight, he just wants a face-to-face in the ring rather than an interview.

Lesnar is in a good mood, he tells us, and he didn’t want Dallas viewers to have the right to an on-screen interview, he wants to spoil them. He says he sent a message to Lashley but maybe he didn’t know how to read it. He asks Lashley to join him in the ring.

There won’t be time to argue, Lesnar attacks Lashley as soon as he hits the ramp. Officials and referees come to try to separate them, even Triple H, furious, came to ask them not to fight tonight. Lesnar tries to attack again but is restrained.

Triple H lets the two rivals know that if they continue to fight by Saturday, the match is off.

The match between the teams of Alexa Bliss and Asuka and IYO SKY and Dakota Kai is official, while Seth Rollins and his new dye (he’s reverted to a bit of the half-brown half-blonde of yesteryear) make their way to the ring for a match against Austin Theory.

Seth Rollins a battu Austin Theory by pinfall with his Curb Stomp, countering a Pedigree attempt by Theory. Nice game.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman make their arrival in the arena, while we learn that Bray Wyatt will be at WWE Crown Jewel on Saturday.

Roman Reigns is not worried

The WWE Universal champion and his Wise Man are therefore in the ring. The public does not fail to take up in chorus the “Ucey” which will remain engraved in the memories from now on. Roman Reigns reassures us: Jey Uso and Sami Zayn are on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and settle their differences quietly and promises us that Jey will soon be a good right arm Ucey as it should be.

But Roman Reigns isn’t here to talk about that. He’s obviously there to talk about his Crown Jewel match against Logan Paul. He recalls that he faced many opponents, spending more time hypering those matches than beating them once the match came. And he’s not worried about Logan Paul, he’s going to face a guy who’s only been in two games. On the other hand, it does not count hyper this match.

Reigns then passes the microphone to Paul Heyman, who will do it to him. He recalls what he said about Logan Paul on Friday, that he has a metal plate in his hand that he uses to punch. Heyman adds that he trained with Shawn Michaels but Reigns pretends not to be impressed.

The Miz, who knows what it’s like to take a loaf from Logan Paul, interrupts, and that’s exactly what he’s coming for — in addition to wanting to offer his help, just in case.

The Tribal Chief leaves some doubt about his intentions with the Miz, but unsurprisingly ends up hitting him with a Superman Punch to knock him out, just to prove that he too has a bad fist. He takes the microphone to conclude: “People should be talking about me knocking out Logan Paul, not the other way around.”

On the return of the advertisement The Miz is in the infirmary, an ice pack on his face. Cathy Kelley comes to interview him to ask him if he knows what will be said during Johnny Gargano’s “truth interview” about Dexter Lumis. He replies that a reporter like Kelley should know that you don’t release information until it can be verified, Lumis not being able to speak.

Mustafa Ali interrupts the Miz, reminds him that he has small testicles but reassures him that “everything is bigger in Texas”. The Miz tells him that he wanted to cancel his match against Ali, but after what he just said, he still plans to go beat him despite a broken jaw. He still speaks quite well despite a broken jaw.

Karl Anderson a battu Damian Priest by fall with a backslide countering the Reckoning.

Judgment Day attacked Anderson after the match, but AJ Styles and Luke Gallows came to his rescue. Gallows takes a low blow from Rhea Ripley and provokes Styles and Anderson into fighting, a distraction that allows Balor, Priest and Mysterio to attack them. The heels beat The OC with their respective finishers to end the segment.

JBL, local stage, enters the ring. If you thought he would get cheers at home, mistaken. JBL plays the heel card and insults today’s Texans with snowflakes that made this state awkward and that none of the woke viewers tonight have the right to call themselves Texans. We prefer Dan Lambert in the genre.

Layfield then introduces us to the one who will save wrestling: Baron Corbin (normally you died of laughter). He is quickly interrupted by R-Truth after repeating the word “Truth” several times in his promo. Truth is dressed as a cowboy and wishes Dallas a happy Halloween, before mocking JBL and Baron Corbin’s outfits as Halloween costumes. For JBL we don’t know, but for Corbin…

Corbin attacks, R-Truth defends but when JBL gets involved, the two heels take over and pass Trith to Tabac.

Trick or Street Fight

Matt Riddle (dressed as Ezekie and entering with Elias) confronts Otis (dressed as Chippendale and entering with Chad Gable, disguised as Patrick Swayze). The game is a Trick or Street Fight, Halloween requires. There are pumpkins, candies and especially kendo sticks.

Matt Riddle a bat Otis by pinfall with an RKO, helped by Elias who put a pumpkin on Otis’ head so he couldn’t see anything.

The Miz returns for this time to face Mustafa Ali in the next match.

Mustafa Ali defeated The Miz by falling with a 450 Splash.

Johnny Gargano’s story about Dexter Lumis and the Miz turns into RMC Story’s investigative show parody. He says there, interviewed by Byron Saxton, that after his dismissal from WWE, Dexter Lumis was approached by the Miz to play a celebrity stalker, his own stalker. A role he played for money.

But the story turned ugly when the Miz stopped paying what he owed Dexter Lumis, who in response attacked him, this time for real.

Damage CTRL lose control, and titles

It’s main event time, the Women’s Tag Team Championships are at stake in this match. Dakota Kai and IYO SKY defend their titles against Asuka and Alexa Bliss.

Asuka and Alexa Bliss beat Dakota Kai and IYO SKY by pinfall with the Twisted Bliss on SKY to become WWE Tag Team Champions.

Bayley interfered in the match, distracting the referee as SKY was already giving up on an Asuka Lock that Dakota Kai was able to stop. Bianca Belair then charged for Bayley, but Bayley replied with a Bayley-to-Belly through a table.

The show ends with the celebration of the two new WWE Tag Team Champions, Alexa Bliss and Asuka, who end their 49-day reign. They both become three-time tag team champions.