Fans of "Woken" Matt Hardy may not have a reason to celebrate today, as the ring veteran of almost 26 years has announced his official retirement from the ring.

According to The mirrorHardy spoke yesterday in a social wide event in Corpus Christi.

"It's time for me to go home … to be a father and a husband, I've done so much more than I've ever imagined in this industry, thank you for making this incredible trip with me, ladies and Gentlemen, I love you all … I wanted to send a message to the fans who have allowed me to live my dream for so many years, that's all I ever wanted to do, and I've been for 26 years At the highest level … There's been a lot of speculation lately about me wrestling, and the WWE let me fulfill my televised obligations, never say never, but that's probably the last time you met Matt Hardy in a WWE ring. "

Matt Hardy has made an impressive list of achievements in the Squaring Circle since returning to the company that made him famous. Since then Hardy has been assisted by Bray Wyatt and the RAW Tag Team Championship alongside brother Jeff Hardy during their improvised debut. He founded the short-lived tag team titled "The Deleters of Worlds" with Bray Wyatt at an angle that appealed to fans of the "Broken" Matt Hardy character who had become quite famous on the competing product Impact Wrestling.

During his career, Hardy collected 13 Tag Team Championships – nine of them with WWE.

Although it is still a bit too early to judge whether the news is serious or not, it seems to be more legitimate than a work or script history. Reports that Hardy's pelvis has merged with his backbone have contributed to the seriousness of announcing retirement and given him credibility, details WasKultur, Fan reactions were almost unanimous on the popular Twitter social media platform. Wrestling fans from around the world rang in to offer their support and regretted that they would not see Hardy – and his wild personality.

At least one Hardy brother is still on stage, and Jeff Hardy will compete in today's WWE Hell in a cell Pay-per-view. Jeff Hardy faces an audience in San Antonio, Texas, against Randy Orton. The game will indeed be a Hell in a Cell match, with the steel surrounding both of them.

Will Jeff Hardy celebrate his brother's retirement tonight with a stunning Swanton Bomb? Only time will tell – though Jeff Hardy has pointed out that he uses the movement less often due to back problems, he reports GiveMeSports,



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