In the opening minutes of today's X Factor results show, host Dermot O'Leary addressed last night's problem.

It came after the pre-recorded show of last night, when a huge audio error occurred, causing a crackling noise that disturbed the performances and left the acts "sounding like Daleks."

He turned to the audience at home and said, "Some of you noticed some Gremlins last night when we had technical issues.

"Which means we did not open the poll last night. To be fair to our competitors, we will be showing the 12 performances again tonight. "

Those watching at home were unimpressed by the format change and took Twitter to voice their views.

One said, "You will be showing ALL TWELVE performances again? Oh fuck that. Looking at them all was more than enough. I turn off. #X factor. "

"Only #XFactor turned on, why are they playing every last night's performance again?" Another added.

A third commented, "Why do we have to see all the performances again, if only two of them were affected? #X factor. "

"#XFactor is back b ****** ks. There were only two performances that were affected by the technical breakdown last night, but they show all 12 performances again. That was after the whole show was repeated this afternoon. I can not see that I'm watching the rest of the series this year, "a spectator said.

"I do not watch all twelve shows anymore, I switch #XFactor," a fan wrote.

In the show on Saturday night, all twelve acts were in a pre-recorded episode on stage, as the judge Robbie Williams had obligations.

Those watching at home say a message on their screen saying, "We apologize for the temporary disruption of the sound."

ITV also took its official Twitter account and apologized for the mistake.

Her tweet read: "We apologize for the temporary disruption of the sound."

At the end of the show, ITV announced that the voting would only take place in today's show.

Two more acts will be leaving the contest tonight.

The first one will be canceled after the results of the public vote, and then the second and third lowest will take part in the vote.

The jurors are given the chance to save one number each, with Nile Rodgers playing for Robbie Williams.

He will not, however, have the right to vote for the salvation of an act.

X Factor is currently broadcast on ITV.


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