X-Factor winners prize –

It started three weeks ago X factor jubilee season, which shifted by one year due to the coronavirus. Many people think that there is no place for such a talent scout anymore, but this is being refuted week by week by the program – watching record records. In addition to the performance, obviously the prize is also an important factor, which again this year is HUF 1 million per month for a year, a car and a luxury trip. THE Focus gathered what the winners so far had started with the cash prize.

Dora Danicshe didn’t have the money for long. “Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough at the time and applauded a lot of that money in a relatively short amount of time.” said the singer, who devoted little money to her career, preferred to take her friends on vacation, went to festivals, concerts and took out a huge rent.

Dora Danics (Photo: RTL)

  • Tibor Kocsis he collected the money and paid the loan for his apartment from it.
  • Csaba Vastag he has invested millions in his career, spending on his first record, clips and concerts. According to him, he did not spend a forint on himself.
  • Gergő Oláh he betrayed, as he came from poor circumstances, most of all he favored himself and his family with various gifts: his first trip led to a large shopping mall.
  • Tibi Ruszó he bought a house out of it.
  • Rico is Claudia, who have not worked together ever since, spent part of the prize on the wheelchair singer’s recovery. They canceled their trip to Seychelles for a dear friend.