‘X’ gender appears in US passports, not male or female… “Security of third gender”

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The ‘X’ stands for a third gender that is neither male nor female.

The U.S. Department of State issued the first passports marked with this ‘X’.

He said that it has the meaning of recognizing and expanding the rights of LGBTI people.

Reporter Park So-hee reports.

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The letter ‘X’ is clear in the gender column of your passport.

The ‘X’, which is neither male nor female, refers to the third gender.

63-year-old Dana Jim, who grew up as a man when she was young, but realized she was neuter as an adult.

Since 2015, it has been litigating with the U.S. State Department over gender labeling issues.

And after 6 years, I finally got the passport I wanted.

[다나 짐]
“I got this passport this morning. If you look here, it’s the first US passport with an X on it. I can’t believe I’m the first.”

He said he wants his passport to be the first step toward ensuring full civil rights for people with a third gender.

[다나 짐]
“This passport is a legal recognition of me and the LGBT community. Legal recognition means that we are treated as ‘humans’, not as ‘talkies’.”

LGBTI rights groups in the United States immediately expressed their welcome.

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“I hope that sooner or later this will become commonplace in the United States and around the world, and anyone who wants to have the letter X written on their passport.”

The State Department has decided to allow passport applications of a defined gender without the need for medical proof.

He also said that from the beginning of next year, he will provide more options regarding gender labeling.

There are at least 11 countries, including Canada, Germany, Argentina and India, where you can select a third gender in the gender field of your passport.

In Korea, it is not yet easy to even change the gender of a man and a woman, and the social title for a third gender has not been established.

This is Sohee Park from MBC News.

Video editing: Park Hye-yeon

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