X-ray of excess deaths from the pandemic

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection assured that mortality in times of pandemic has represented a constant measurement challenge to establish how many people die from Covid-19 or from other causes.

In the case of Barranquilla, he indicated that it is the city on the Atlantic Coast and in Colombia that –apparently– has gone through the highest peak of the pandemic to date.

He explained that in the first weeks he had very few cases and no more than two deaths per week, until week 18 when at the end of April the accelerated increase in cases and deaths began, almost doubling the number from one week to the next.

The ministry explained that in that time it reached the maximum peak of cases between weeks 26 and 27 and that of deaths in week 25 with 628 deaths.

“For this date, the excess mortality was 320%, after which the decrease in deaths began, whose reduction at week 31 does not exceed 50% of deaths that exceed the threshold of the historical average for the city”, they assured.

They noted that the gap between confirmed deaths from coronavirus and excess deaths from all causes may be due to deaths from other causes or diagnosis of unconfirmed probable causes.

For his part, Juan Manuel Alvarado, manager of the District crisis, assured that today the city is in the historical average of deaths with 13 people for eight days in a row, when the average is 18.



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