Xandee makes comeback, right after heart surgery

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She just went under the knife again, and yet Xandee (43) is ready for her comeback. The singer has released a new single and wants to perform again. It had been 2006 since Xandee released music.

Monday 20 June 2022 at 17:06

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Beautiful again, that’s the name of Xandee’s new single. A clear reference to the turning point in the life of Sandy Boets, as the singer is really called. In recent years she got caught up in a rollercoaster of bad luck. She underwent several operations on her heart, leg and uterus. She also lost her mother to cancer. Everything looks rosier since she married partner Eric, and Xandee now wants to translate that into a musical comeback.

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The former Touch of Joy singer, who entered the Eurovision Song Contest with One life in 2004, worked for Beautiful again with DJ and producer Gene Pol, or Diego De Mol, known from De Pitaboys. The two know each other well and have wanted to work together for some time. Their song plays on Radio 2, and has since also received a video clip.

Striking: Xandee has just had another heart operation. Yet she is already brooding on a sequel to her single, and she wants to be on stage again. Xandees previous single, a cover of the hit Congadates from sixteen years ago.

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