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Original title: Xavi – Alonso: I want to play alongside Zidane, Ancelotti is very cautious

Xavi Alonso: I would love to play alongside Zidane, Ancelotti is very cautious

Live it, April 21. Xavi Alonso and Zidane both played for Real Madrid, but not at the same time, which makes Xavi Alonso very sorry. In an interview with a few days ago, he talked about the La Liga title race, the Real Madrid midfielder, the evaluation of Zidane and Ancelotti and other related topics. He expressed his desire to play alongside Zidane very much, revealing that Ancelotti is a very cautious person.

About La Liga Championship

“There are still a lot of points to be won, but of course Real Madrid are the biggest favourites. I think they are the most consistent team right now, which makes them the most likely to win La Liga. Time will tell. If Real Madrid can keep going the way they are, they will have the last laugh.”

About Real Madrid’s midfield

“Every year we comment on the ageing of Real Madrid’s midfield, but they are still at a high level. I think Casemiro, Modric and Toni Kroos can get the most out of them no matter who they are. Trust. They are needed in Carlo Ancelotti’s squad, but they need to be rotated from time to time to give them plenty of rest. They played at a high level and showed a cold-blooded side on the pitch.”

About Zidane

“I really wanted to play with Zidane because when I first played at Real Sociedad, my biggest memory was playing against one of my idols, Zidane. It was very difficult to play against him on the field. But it’s a joy. His style of play is noble, he looks so easy every time he handles the ball. Zidane was a great player and I really want to play with him Playing side by side, unfortunately I only played against him.”

About Ancelotti

“I think Ancelotti is a very careful guy. He knows how to find the exact pieces of the puzzle and put them together. That’s why he’s been successful at so many clubs. He’s found his ball. The team, he knows how to manage the players well, that’s all his ability. At the moment Real Madrid has a bright future.”

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