Xavier Wiśniewski about working for his father: “Sometimes, as if his feet are stamped, ALL WALLS SHAKE”

Very son Michał Wiśniewski i Mandarins, Xavier Wiśniewski he grew up in front of all of Poland. The 19-year-old decided to follow the path laid out by his parents and has been working under his “own” name for some time, which is helped by his original hip-hop numbers.

Since Xavier He quit his journalism studies, which he did not last even one semester, and the 19-year-old earns some extra money from his father. Wiśniewski junior accompanied the red-haired musician at the Monday Polsat Superhit Festival press conference in Warsaw, where Pudelka’s reporter was also present. The aspiring rapper agreed to be interviewed Michał Dziedzicin which he revealed the backstage of working for dad.

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At the moment I am an assistant to his manager – he explained. I help her and relieve her of her tasks. We go to events and concerts together. I make sure that my dad is not missing anything. I relieve him of many tasks.

Contrary to appearances, Xavier sees only advantages in serving the star, but he does not hide that the leader of Ich Troje has a “heavy character”. When asked about his salary, the boy replied with a laugh that he was “is appropriate, but could always be bigger.”

There are only advantages to working with a father – he assured. My dad is a tough character, but he teaches a lot. And life and how to be a good worker. Sometimes, like a stomp with a foot, all the walls shake. But I am humble about it.

Wiśniewski also touched on the topic of depression with which he had to face. The teenager claims that he is helped to maintain mental hygiene by composing songs that have a therapeutic effect on him. In his case, much greater than a visit to a psychologist.

The best therapy for me is any artistic activity – he convinces. My music has helped many people, it gave them a little relief. So do the dances. I used to see a school psychologist, but the effect was opposite. Dad wanted me to go to a psychologist, my girlfriend mentioned it too, but that’s not for me. Everyone should do what they feel for their health. The very conversation with yourself is very necessary.

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It turns out that Mandarin is a good mother after all. And it wasn’t going to be like that, I remember when these kids were little and they appeared on a reality show about their family’s life .. It’s good that it did not break their psyche in the end

At least he works and is not the son of a famous dad.

it’s a pity they have such a complicated and narcissistic father. it destroys the psyche for all adult life.

Gee, I’m so impressed with how well she raised her son. Smart, handsome and responsible. Congratulations Mandarin 🙂

Xavier You better watch out, because your old man will block you 🤣🤣🤣

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Poor, these children, neither pretty, nor smart, nor talented, nor hardworking !!! Celebrity – most welcome !!!

From whom was this kid supposed to inherit the wisdom, willingness to learn and willingness to work ???? He inherited from his daddy his willingness to love women !!! (because it doesn’t require any learning !!!) and of course he would be best an artist …. – as he is, his daddy and mommy !!! Pity those kids !!!!

The kid has a lot of humility, and he is not broken, you can see in his mother’s hand, but on the plus side, of course, good luck!

The depression of the mother can be seen for small alimony, she was getting 10 thousand back then

Gee, I’m so impressed with how well she raised her son. Smart, handsome and responsible. Congratulations Mandarin 🙂

Let him be careful, because my father will also cut himself off from him

used to be a fan ic …

2 days to this

maybe the Germans taught him like that, although Michał also quickly lost his way from the German reformatory

Xavier You better watch out, because your old man will block you 🤣🤣🤣

And where does depression come from in a young person? Had he realized that his father was not going to jump? No courage on your own way? It is a pity for this journalism, but it probably was not suitable.

You can see that a very sensitive boy.

young you can do what you want daddy can’t rule you