Xbox accuses PlayStation of influencing the problems it is having to close the purchase of Activision

$69 billion. That was the price that Microsoft, the parent of Xbox, agreed to pay at the beginning of 2022 to take control of Activision -one of the most traditional video game studios, owner of sagas as popular as Call of Dutyone of the favorites of the ‘gamers‘ of all the world-. Now, the American technology company affirms that Sony, the firm that owns PlayStationwould have influenced the UK authorities to examine in depth the agreement that, in principle, should be completed at some point in 2023.

Since the deal became known, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) British has been the most meticulous when it comes to discerning whether the purchase of Activision could harm the competition and put Microsoft in a position of advantage over the competition. Currently, it is carrying out an “in-depth investigation” of the purchase deal, as it communicated last September.

According to Microsoft, this decision “is incorrectly based on self-serving statements from Sony that significantly exaggerate the importance of ‘Call of Duty’ to the company and fail to take into account Sony’s clear ability to respond competitively.” This is what the company maintains in a statement shared by Tom Warren, a journalist for ‘The Verge’, through Twitter.

Microsoft points out that PlayStation has been the dominant company in the video game business for the past 20 years, selling twice as many systems as Xbox. Likewise, it draws attention to the fact that the Japanese company is so concerned about the presence of Call of Duty titles on its consoles, taking into account that, even if it were hypothetically left without access to the franchise, it would still have “significantly more users of those that Xbox has today ».

cross accusations

Microsoft also highlights the recent movements made by Sony, which in recent months has taken control of companies such as Bungie (‘Destiny 2’) as well as a stake in From Software, the firm behind the franchise. Dark Souls or the recent and popular ‘Elden Ring’.

Last September, Jim Ryan, director of PlayStation, stated that the American technology “has only offered that Call of Duty remain on PlayStation for three years after the current agreement between Activision and Sony ends.” He also stated that his goal is “to ensure that PlayStation gamers continue to have the highest quality Call of Duty experience, and Microsoft’s proposal undermines this principle.”

In a statement shared by Reuters, a Sony spokesperson said Sony’s purchase of Activision is “bad for competition, bad for the gaming industry and bad for gamers themselves.”

“This deal would give Microsoft’s Xbox ecosystem a unique combination of technology and content, and thus a dominant position in gaming, with devastating consequences for consumers, independent developers, and Sony itself,” the spokesperson said. the Japanese company.