Xbox boss plays Banjo-Kazooie and fans believe a new installment will be announced

The return through the front door of Banjo-Kazooie It is one of the greatest wishes of the players today, although unfortunately it seems that the possibility of seeing a new platform title starring both characters is rather remote. However, fans do not lose hope and cling to any event minimally related to the saga to fantasize about a return sooner rather than later. This has been the case of several players who have reported through their social networks that Phil Spencer has been playing the Nintendo 64 classic latelysomething that could be an indication of a possible announcement in the next Xbox event.

Apparently, the Xbox boss has been spending his free time playing Banjo-Kazooie and has already managed to unlock quite a few achievements, according to some users who have snooped on his Xbox Live profile (via Kotaku). In a few words, these users consider that the fact that a public figure as relevant as Spencer has dedicated his leisure time to playing the legendary three-dimensional platformer, taking into account that the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase is just around the corner. could be an indication of an imminent announcement. It should be noted that Spencer started the game on June 1 and played 37 minutes, during which time he unlocked an achievement. Since then, he has not returned to the game and has dedicated his time to playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Elden Ring y Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising.

It is believed that a remake or the third part will be announced

“Phil knows what he’s doing getting that hype from Banjo prior to the big reveal”, we can read in a comment posted on ResetEra. “It’s almost cruel to play this without implying something.” or “there has been no greater friend and ally to the cause of reviving Banjo-Kazooie than Phil Spencer” are other enthusiastic comments that we can read. Fans speculate that the announcement could be a remake or a remastering of the classic or, on the other hand, the third installment of the main saga. We do not know for sure if during the broadcast of the event, which is scheduled for the next June 12 at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time), Banjo-Kazooie will make an appearance, although of course it has become clear that there are not a few who eagerly await his return.