Xbox compatible PSVR 2? Sony could ask Microsoft for this concession | Xbox One

The acquisition of Activision-Blizzard is still a thorny subject. Currently, the various organizations are in the process of evaluating the concessions proposed by Sony and Microsoft in order to advance the case, and a note concerning the PSVR 2 holds particular attention.

PSVR 2 on Xbox?

It’s via Windows Central reporter Jez Corden that we find mentions of the PSVR 2 in Microsoft’s recent response to CMA fears.

In the part of the document evoking the measures with which Sony could be satisfied in the event of a takeover, we note that note 12 present in the paragraph refers directly to the PSVR 2. Although the majority of the comments remain confidential, it is very surprising to see there the mention of the virtual reality headset from PlayStation.

While it’s hard to confirm with certainty what Sony hopes to get out of the deal, it’s conceivable that the giant wants to bring its VR headset to more gamers on more platforms.

It is also possible that these mentions relate to a VR version for games published by Microsoft available on PlayStation; Minecraft was notably entitled to PSVR compatibility.

An easy concession for Microsoft

If the VR market remains a niche market that does not seem to interest Xbox anyway, it seems quite logical to think that any concession relating to virtual reality would not have a big impact for Microsoft.

Only Xbox players could find an advantage in having the opportunity to experiment with this technology which, if it has excellent things to offer, is still struggling to impose itself in the eyes of the general public.

Unfortunately, as long as they remain confidential, it will be necessary to be satisfied with these few elements to try to get an idea of ​​the concessions requested from Microsoft by Sony.