Xbox games to stream on new Samsung TVs from this year | NOW

Microsoft will release an Xbox app on June 30 for Samsung smart televisions released in 2022. This allows Xbox games to be streamed via the cloud, without the need for a console. It is the first time that Microsoft makes such an app available.

People with a suitable television can play more than a hundred Xbox games via the Xbox app. These are then streamed over the internet. People don’t need an Xbox game console, but they do need a controller that they can connect to the TV with bluetooth. Both the proprietary Xbox controller and Sony’s DualSense controller are supported.

A paid Xbox Game Pass subscription is required to access more than 100 games. Microsoft calls Fortnite as a playable game for people who prefer not to pay for a subscription.

The science fiction shooter, among other things, can be accessed via the Xbox app Halo Infinite and racing game Forza Horizon 5 be played. Microsoft is also working with other television makers on the ability to stream Xbox games, but nothing is known about that at the moment.