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A little over-negative, if you ask me.

Of course Phil Spencer had to clean up the mess, but that doesn’t mean the guy doesn’t deserve respect and appreciation based on how he’s done it and that he’s gone “above and beyond” to not just clean up the mess, but to really get Xbox. put it back on the map.

In addition, they were very honest about the negatives, so I don’t see an alternate reality at all in this docu-series, which would only be valid in the eyes of Microsoft itself.

And what exactly do you mean by that terrible future with only 2 or 3 players? In principle, we now only have 3 parties, and that works fine. There are of course some niche providers, but in general it is Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony when it comes to game consoles.

So nothing strange, and not bad at all for the industry or the future. And yes, what Xbox does is really good: backward compatibility, GamePass, cross-platform etc. etc. All positive things for gamers. You really don’t have to be a fanboy or Microsoft parrot for that…

As for your negative experiences with the RROD, that is of course a pity, but not representative of the whole. Me and some of my friends have a very different experience: only experienced this problem once, sent console, got it back within 10 days and never had a problem again. In fact, my original repaired Xbox 360 is still under my TV and still works fine.

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