Xbox introduced a new control and an update

Microsoft continues to grow. We’re not talking about his actions or the number of companies he covers, which are quite a few, but how he’s constantly refining his subscriptions for his consoles while also improving environments and presentations. Therefore, owners of an Xbox can now download the new update with interesting news.

The new Elite 2 wireless controller

Not only is it already on sale but it has customization options. For example, the start button can be changed. It can be the traditional white or go through red, blue, Xbox green or whatever you prefer, because there are about 16 million shades.

Game library improvements

From now on it will be easier to find games and applications. In addition, on the cover it will inform us if it is owned by us or belongs to a subscription such as Xbox Game Pass or EA Play.

More installation options

From the options menu you can configure the installation characteristics. In this way you can select where to put each game or application and have everything more organized.

sound reduction

Although this feature has already been applied to Xbox Series X/S, it is now coming to Xbox One. It is the system that reduces noise pickup, improving audio quality and conversations between players.

How do I change the color of the control buttons?

It’s pretty easy. You must go to Xbox Accessories on the console or PC, with the controller connected. There you choose the profile or create one and then click on Color. Be patient that there are many options from which to make a decision. Then you can also modify the brightness of the control.

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