Xbox introduces mental health in its accessibility guidelines

PARIS, May 11 (Benin News/EP) –

Xbox will make a new Accessibility Resource Center available to video game developers, with information and tools they can incorporate into their work, a development that goes hand-in-hand with updated feature labels guidelines and the integration of mental health into accessibility guidelines.

The new “Developer Video Game Accessibility Resource Center” is available starting this month. The company will provide accessibility resources, training, conferences and the most popular graphics engines.

Xbox wants developers to use these resources to guide them “through every step of making their video games accessible,” as stated in a press release. It includes a list of Microsoft-specific and external resources.

The company also announced a new world in Minecraft: Education Edition, BuildAbility, which revolves around accessibility, so students can explore the barriers people with disabilities face in the real world.

Xbox has also updated accessibility feature labels, which let gamers with disabilities know if a game is suitable for them. While title developers may include the tags, these are now also included based on community feedback.

The Xbox Accessibility Guidelines (XAG) 3.0 will additionally include information on mental health, as well as information on motion sickness and additional details on text size.