Xbox Museum: Discover the history of Xbox and your stats for 20 years! | Xbox one

Microsoft is celebrating 20 years of the Xbox brand this month. 20 years ago, the first console from the Redmond firm hit the market with serious arguments to make. Today, it is with a surprise that will please fans that the brand continues to celebrate its anniversary.

Discover the Xbox Museum

Discover the history of the brand

Microsoft has just put an interactive museum online. Your statistics, the history of the brand as well as the various stages of the Xbox project are in particular to be discovered. Travel through a world full of history and relive the great moments of Xbox.

A total of 132 various events are present, from the greatest hours of Xbox Live to the big glitches of the Xbox 360 through the launch of the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

All your statistics for 20 years!

If you’re an early gamer and had an Xbox Live account when the first Xbox was released, you can also find your stats for the past 20 years as well. Of course, if you created an Xbox account later, these are also available.

It is then your successes, the games you have played as well as various records that are to be discovered. You can also upload an anniversary image showing your greatest achievements and share the link to your museum with the community.

Do not hesitate to share your statistics with us in the comments and tell us which title you have spent the most time on in recent years!

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