Xbox One: Phil Spencer (Microsoft) promises solo favorites as strong as GOD OF WAR


This is not a scoop for anyone, in recent years, first-party exclusives have never been the workhorse of Microsoft. The Xbox One has suffered, is still suffering, but it seems that Microsoft is about to change strategy. Indeed, with the critical success of GOD OF WAR (95% average on Metacritic), Ryan McCaffrey, a journalist at, did not hesitate to let know that the Xbox fans are still waiting for an outsider of the kind of GOD OF WAR will one day be on Xbox One. A tweet that challenged Phil Spencer, the big boss of the Xbox branch at Microsoft, who did not hesitate to answer him. Ryan McCaffrey, journalist at Xbox fans are dying to have a masterpiece of the caliber of GOD OF WAR, which remains an excluded PS4. The thing is that it took 10 years for Sony to their excluded reach such a level of quality. It started in the PS3 era. The Xbox can hope to be entitled to it too, but it will take a long time … Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division Our hardware took a long time to be designed. Our service, our platform, our backward compatibility also took time, and continuing to grow our first-party games also takes time. Our goal is to make first-party games of both quality and variety (yes, with solo play too), because our customers deserve it. We can have results as good as what we managed to do hardware and online service. Phil Spencer was therefore reassured owners Xbox One who do not have much to put in their teeth in terms of exclusivities it is true. There was Sea of ​​Thieves a few weeks ago, but the game is catching by its content and concrete, varied and captivating goals. You can also find our test just ic i. Xbox fans are DYING to celebrate an exclusive masterpiece-level like God of War. Thing is, though, it took Sony 10 years to get to that point where their 1st party is firing on all cylinders. This work started in PS3 era. Xbox can / might get there but it’s going to take a long time – Ryan McCaffrey (@DMC_Ryan) April 13, 2018


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