• Both consoles are an exponential leap: absolutely stunning graphics, action and sound, almost instantaneous game loading and ultra quiet. But they have several drawbacks to take into account.

  • Series X and PS5 open a new gaming landscape; it is possible that there is a lot of transfuguismo between both systems.

  • These consoles are not only for video games. They are ideal equipment for all kinds of multimedia entertainment.

No less than seven years have passed since Microsoft and Sony presented their respective Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In this period, they have been launching versions with different improvements, finishes and colors. The new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, its successors, represent a milestone in the history of gaming and technology for two reasons. First, because they are two ‘beasts’ of innovation, with an unknown potential, almost infinite, since it is videogames. Second, because, surely, this is the last time we attend a presentation of this type: the next generation of “game consoles” will only contain one controller, since everything will be streaming.

Xbox Series Xuppers.es

Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5: that’s how they are

To begin with, aesthetically they are totally antithetical: while Microsoft has designed its Series X with a minimalist cubic shape (desktop PC type) and, for now, only in black, Sony has opted for sinuous white curves and an appearance reminiscent of Star wars Their sizes are also larger compared to the models to which they happen, why? One of the majority complaints from gamers is that the internal fans of both Xbox One and PS4 make too much noise. The new models include extra cooling systems to alleviate this inconvenience.


Inside, its technical section is absolutely spectacular, with processors, memories and graphic components either of the very latest generation or exclusively designed for them. We can talk about teraflops, fps, hertz, Zen 2 architectures, ray-tracing and a lot of other ‘words’. Keep what They have the best and most powerful for developers to create video games capable of transmitting absolutely extraordinary sensations. And we are not exaggerating.

Series Xuppers.es

On paper, according to the data revealed and in the absence of verifying it in reality in the medium term (when there are enough games for it), the overall performance is not the same. Everything points to Series X ahead of PS5 in the graphic and speed plane. On the contrary, PS5 would gain in loading speed of video games and in dynamism within them (“resurrect” if the bad guy kills you). However, if so, the differences will be practically insignificant.


The physical intermediary between you and the virtual reality offered by the consoles is an essential, decisive factor. Since the Xbox One has always been praised for its successful ergonomics and size, the Xbox Series X hardly changes shape and does include new buttons and features.

X Series controlsuppers.es

Quite the opposite of the PS5, which is called DualSense and which replaces a much criticized DualShock 4 precisely because of its overall physical design. DualSense looks a lot like Xbox (Ahem…) and introduces three very interesting novelties: the vibration system, the haptic capabilities and that he himself emits complementary sound to that generated by the console.

PS5 controllersSony

Time to change?

Do not hesitate: although for reasons of economic moderation your child will ask you “only” for a Series X or a PS5, his dream is to have both. What do you mean both? In case you don’t know, if you have Xbox and they give you a game for PlayStation… you can always use it as a coaster; and vice versa. On the other hand, the vast majority of video games have versions for each one, but each console has so-called “exclusives”: games specifically for it and without a version for the opposite.

The gaming world in general has always known two sides, pro Xbox and pro Play, with curious arguments each defending their “religion”. Taking into account the global qualitative leap that both consoles presuppose, it is to be expected that a certain phenomenon of transfuguismo will occur attending to the features and details of their own plus, precisely, the exclusive video games that are expected for each one. Because an overwhelming avalanche of titles is in the oven and, precisely, with extreme competition between both platforms. Microsoft and Sony are in the middle of a campaign to seduce the gamers of the opposite side.

Go asking for your turn and may luck be with you

The number of reserves to buy them has exploded all expectations, to which add production problems due to the pandemic. Don’t waste your time going to a store or shopping center in person because, to this day, the friendly clerk will not be able to hold back laughing at your request. You can always, once there, ask to be put on the waiting list or directly do it comfortably from your home online. And hopefully the thousands of people before you back down.

By the way, their prices: Xbox Series X, 499,99 euros. PlayStation 5 offers two versions, one with a disc reader (499.99 euros) and the other without it, which only loads video games using a digital code (399.99 euros). For its part, Microsoft launches in parallel to the Series X another model called Series S (299 euros), but it is below the X in terms of performance; It is a kind of Series X light.

PlayStation 5 video games will not have region blockinguppers.es

Not just for your child and not just to play

There is a misconception that video game consoles are intended only for young people and only for gaming. Neither one nor the other. According to the latest report from the Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE), Europeans between 35 and 64 years old account for 38% of all gamers and with little distinction between the sexes. And there are titles not only for all age ranges, but many are developed so that people of different generations play at the same time.

On the other hand, yes, game consoles are 80% designed to play games, however, they are an excellent way to enjoy other types of services. For example, you can access online video platforms, stream audio, surf the Internet, play images and videos from memory drives, etc. In short, they are global multimedia centers.

His superpowers

  • Sound is another of its great attractions. It is based on a technology called 3D Tempest and heralds a real revolution, since it distinguishes how closely the shots pass you, the ships approach, the bad guy stalks you or how the noise of the spectators reaches you.
  • Its extreme speed of loading games.
  • The DualSense remote for… everything.
  • Own power in every way.
  • Backward compatibility: you can play in Series X all Xbox titles released since its first generation (and that was many years ago …).
  • That said, down to the last detail in Series X and Play 5 it’s super powerful.

Your Achilles heels

  • The price of video games, more taking into account that to experience the qualities of these consoles, you need to play very different titles.
  • The aforementioned backward compatibility: you can only play most PS4 titles on PS5, but not all of them and not to mention PS3, PS2 games, etc.
  • The exclusive video game catalog, which can be greatly improved.
  • Your command should be at the technical and innovative height of the console.


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