Xbox smartphone app now features stories

Stories have become a recurring feature of major social networks. This feature originated on Snapchat and has been blatantly copied by every platform imaginable. The latest to jump on the bandwagon is the Xbox app, which has announced this new feature in the last few hours.

Microsoft’s platform has not given too many explanations on this subject. What motivated the addition of these stories.. It doesn’t appear to be much more than a marketing tool, especially since it’s only meant for studios to promote their video games.

The posts have interaction options for the users, who can comment on them, like them and – apparently – share them. However, it’s unclear if at some point the Xbox app will allow each player to create their own stories. The expansion of this feature will certainly depend on its popularity among members of the gaming community.

The Xbox app also offers stories

Unlike the vast majority of social networks, the Xbox app does not display stories in a fixed bar at the top of the interface. Posts from each development studio or brand appear in the middle section of the interfaceunder the heading “Official game publications”.

It’s also worth noting that the stories Xbox will show users will not be random. On the contrary, will be linked to the titles they regularly play and those you follow on the Microsoft network.

The new option for the Xbox app has received mixed reviews from the public. If for many, the decision to integrate social tools is logical, for others, it is a function … it does not make sense. The truth is, the Redmond company has decided to explore this feature, which is already available in the latest update to its mobile app.

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What do you think of the new stories in the Xbox app? Do you think this is a useful option or just a marketing ploy? We will have to see if the competing platforms choose to follow the same path, even if no one asks them to.