XGIMI announces its MoGo 2 Pro, with promising adaptive technology

Almost two years after the introduction of its MoGo Pro, the Chinese XGIMI is back with its MoGo 2 Pro. This new compact and portable projector will be unveiled at CES with new intelligent image adaptation technology.

XGIMI wants to make video projectors even easier to use with its ISA 2.0 technology // Source: XGIMI

Double announcement for XGIMI ahead of CES 2023. In the halls over-conditioned Venetianin Las Vegas, the Chinese manufacturer will present at least two interesting novelties: the first will be hardware, with the new version of its mobile projector MoGo Pro, the other software, since the latter will integrate the intelligent adaptation technology of the image ISA 2.0.

Overall, its goal is to make the pico projector easier to use by dynamically adjusting the image to achieve a “cinematic experiencewherever it is installed. “Unlike a television, which has its fixed location, projectors can be placed throughout the house and even be taken outside. Therefore, the projector must quickly adapt to any scenario“Explains XGIMI in its press release.

Offer more flexibility to the user, without them necessarily realizing it

To achieve this result, the brand combines three new functions. In addition to the intelligent image alignment and obstacle avoidance that we already knew, the MoGo 2 Pro and ISA 2.0 technology exploit “Seamless Auto Keystone Correction, Seamless Auto Focus and Intelligent Eye Protection“, we read. A triptych made possible thanks to the addition to the new XGIMI picoprojector of a ToF module, developed in-house.

The advantage of ISA 2.0 technology is also to make these adjustments relatively diligently and without interrupting the projection. The user has nothing to do in particular: no manual configuration is required and no waiting time is to be deplored, assures XGIMI.

The MoGo 2 Pro takes for the rest part of the specifications of its elder. We thus find a 1080p definition and support for the HDR10 standard, but this time with a maximum diagonal of 200 inches and a luminance of 350 lumens. The device finally benefits from a once again very compact format, with 997 grams on the scale and a height of only 16.6 centimeters.

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