Xi Jinping warned the West that China’s rise is irreversible

Referring to the Opium Wars, Western colonialism, and the Japanese invasion (1931-1945), Xi praised the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for improving living standards and restoring national pride.

“The Communist Party and the Chinese people solemnly declare to the world the following: the Chinese people have risen,” he said, highlighting the fact that hundreds of millions of compatriots were lifted out of poverty in a few decades.

“The great renaissance of the Chinese nation has entered an irreversible historical process,” he congratulated himself, thus sending a signal to Washington, which often describes Beijing as a political and economic rival. “The Chinese people will never allow foreign forces to intimidate and oppress them. Whoever does so runs the risk of being annihilated before a Great Wall of steel built by 1,400 million Chinese, “he said.

In power since the end of 2012, Xi has been decked out for the occasion in Chinese revolutionary garb, called a “Mao suit,” and is placed right next to a giant portrait of the former leader. The two men appear dressed in the same light gray fabric.

Positioning himself as Mao’s heir, the current Chinese leader relies on this tutelary figure, still revered by many of the Chinese, to establish his authority.

Founded by a handful of militants in July 1921 in Shanghai, the PCC leads the second world power and has the firm intention of continuing to prevail internationally.

Yesterday morning 100 cannon shots rang out in Beijing to mark the centenary. The acrobatic patrol of the Air Force, made up of fighter jets, flew over Tiananmen Square, drawing red, yellow and blue beams in the sky.

Some helicopters formed the number “100” in the sky, some with the party flag, with the yellow hammer and sickle on a red background.

Hours before the start of the ceremony, thousands of young people made their way to Tiananmen Square, which was subjected to strict security measures. Participants reported that they were not allowed to carry mobile phones.


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