Xiaomi 12T Pro is the second phone in the world with a 200MP camera

Xiaomi is launching a new phone in the leading Xiaomi family 12, which will bear the name Xiaomi 12T Pro, which will come with a distinctive 200-megapixel rear camera made by Samsung, to be the second phone in the world with this distinctive sensor.

Xiaomi had launched the new generation of its flagship phones, Xiaomi 12, at the beginning of this year, and continued to add other models to the family, and now the company is putting the last frills to launch the distinctive Xiaomi 12T Pro.

According to the latest leaks, the flagship Xiaomi 12T Pro phone is closer than ever to the launch, after images of the phone have already appeared that focus more on the rear camera, where it will be the force position in the phone.

According to Phonandroid, Xiaomi is preparing the Xiaomi 12T Pro to be the global version of the Redmi K50 Ultra phone, which was already launched exclusively in the Chinese market last July, which seems logical to a large extent due to the policy pursued by Xiaomi in recent years to release copies of Redmi Key for global markets with different names than in China.

The second thing that makes sense here is that the leaked image of the Xiaomi 12T Pro camera actually looks like a very close-to-box version of the rear camera on the Redmi K50 Ultra, with differences in specifications.

There is another thing that adds credibility to these leaks, that the model number of the Redmi K50 Ultra is 22081212C, while the model number of the 12T Pro is 22081212UG, i.e., with the difference only in the last letter.

Xiaomi 12T Pro specifications

As for the specifications of the phone, the leak focused on showing the rear camera with the latest Samsung ISOCELL HP1 sensor with a precision of 200 megapixels, which is interesting because of the capabilities that Samsung has reached in this sensor.

This will be the second phone in the world to come with a 200MP sensor from Samsung, only being preceded by the latest Motorola Moto X30 Pro flagship.

There are no details on the internal specifications, but the source of the leaks confirmed that it will come with the latest Qualcomm processor, the first generation Snapdragon 8 Plus, which is a point of preference when compared to the Redmi K50 Ultra.