Is Apple done soon? At least that's what the designer Phillipe Starck claims.Thomas Peter, Reuters

The French designer Phillipe Starck, who has designed phones from the manufacturer Xiaomi in recent years, goes to court with Apple. In an interview with the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", Starck explains why the US company has been missing important impulses since the death of Steve Jobs.

Apple's design is "nothing special"

Until Thursday still ran the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​where Samsung presented its new foldable smartphone. Innovations in the smartphone sector are increasingly coming from Asian manufacturers such as Samsung and Xiaomi. Apple only plays a minor role.

Apple's design is not crucial to the success of the company. The design was heavily inspired by Dieter Rams' ideas in the mid-20th century. "That's nothing special," says the 70-year-old opposite the "SZ".

Nevertheless, the designer does not understand why many people find the Airpods ugly. "Because there is no cable, are the headphones ugly? That's ridiculous."

Apple's success goes to the account of Steve Jobs

The success is attributed to Steve Jobs, says Starck. He has created not just a single product, but a whole universe of music, apps and the like. That's why people bought Apple products.

Starck believes that since Steve Jobs death important impetus left at Apple. "As for cell phones, Apple is done – and they know that too. That's why they are now trying on other things, "says Starck. In fact, the iPhone sales stagnated for several years.

Apple needs to reorient

Apple is trying to expand into the home area. Apple's homepod is expected to become a serious competitor to Amazon Echo and Google Home.

However, the device has been less popular with potential buyers. Amazon and Google were clearly ahead of the pack for smart speakers last year. Both together had a market share of 30 percent according to Canalys estimates. And Apple? Lingered behind with a meager four percent.