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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 unexpectedly goes on sale

When creating any electronic devices, almost all manufacturers prefer to keep such information secret from the whole world in order not to disclose their plans ahead of time. A well-known Chinese corporation is one of such brands, one of whose employees reported that the fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 4 unexpectedly goes on sale, and everyone will be able to buy it for themselves pretty soon. It is known that this gadget will be released in two versions.

According to Huami’s head of business, David Tsui, and she is a subsidiary of Xiaomi, the new sports bracelet of the Chinese corporation will definitely enter the market in 2019, and all buyers can buy it in two modifications that differ in the presence of a number of possibilities in an advanced configuration. Unfortunately, it is not specified what particular features we are talking about, but there is no doubt that the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be just an amazing gadget.

Huami has been involved in the creation of wearable electronics, and continues to include all Mi Band models, starting with the very first generation launched onto the market about five years ago. According to an official source, the novelty in the face of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 definitely will not be released in April and May, so its presentation, according to insiders, will happen in June. In the same month, the wrist gadget of the new generation should go on sale throughout China.

It goes without saying that at first the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be in short supply, so buying it in China will be quite difficult, but this is only a temporary difficulty, because already after 3 – 4 weeks after the start of sales, that is, by the end of July 2019 , the tracker should appear in free sale. Its appearance in Russia and other countries of the world, including in Kazakhstan and Ukraine, is expected in August-September of this year. It goes without saying that it will be possible to acquire this wrist gadget on the “gray” market much faster, but in this case it will not be certified for import into the Russian Federation.

Earlier it became known that the declassified insane price Xiaomi Mi Band 4 plunged all into shock.

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