Xiaomi Mi Band 7, the most anticipated fitness bracelet of 2022, will arrive on May 24

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is ready to write a new chapter in the history of the wearable segment, and today we find out that it will be announced on May 24th. Since Mi Band 4, no one has been able to deny that these products are huge hits for Xiaomi. Few fitness bracelets they have become synonymous with the segment in this way.

Xiaomi has already confirmed the May 24 event, when both the Redmi Note 11T series and the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 bracelet will arrive. We even have some details about the features of the laptop, which will arrive in blue, pink, green, orange, black and white. Mi Band 7 will adopt the pill-shaped design that enshrined its predecessors, only including a 1.62-inch AMOLED screen this time, a diagonal increase from the 1.56-inch Mi Band 6.

The larger panel increases the amount of information displayed about fitness, weather, notifications in those “complications” on the screen. We will also have NFC support for contactless payments, but that depends on the market in which the bracelet is launched. Obviously we also receive pulse sensor, SpO2 sensor, inaugurated on Mi Band 6, but also sleep monitoring, stress, maybe menstrual cycle. We will also have dozens of fitness modes, weather app, notifications, music control and alarms.

I was most shocked at the beginning of the month, when the rumor came that Mi Band 7 could double the autonomy of Mi Band 6. Apparently the device could run applications based on an operating system known as Zepp OS.