Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro expected instead of Xiaomi 12 Ultra

The Xiaomi Mix 5 series is expected in March 2022, of which the Mix 5 Pro will be the new top model. These images give a good first impression.

Last month, Xiaomi announced a new high-end smartphone lineup in China. It concerns three models, the Xiaomi 12, the 12x and the top model, the Xiaomi 12 Pro. At the time, it was believed that a Xiaomi 12 Ultra was also in the pipeline, as a replacement for the Mi 11 Ultra launched last year. In the meantime, however, it has been revealed that this model is most likely not going to make an appearance. Instead, this time Xiaomi will announce two innovative Mix models, of which the Mix 5 Pro will be the highly anticipated 12 Ultra – the Finnish Twitterer reported. Topics beginning this month.

Although the model name has been unknown for a long time, images have already been leaked in the form of a dummy and phone cases. The images show a completely redesigned camera design. It is a gigantic round-shaped camera system with several lenses, which is placed on a rectangular platform.

Using all available information, the talented graphic designer Parvez Khan, aka Technizo Concept, has created a series of product renders of the new top model. The phone is shown in the colors black and gray. The video below of the Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro has also been designed by Technizo Concept.

Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro met under display camera

The Mix series from Xiaomi is known as an innovative smartphone line-up, the new models seem to be no exception. For example, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 was the first phone from the brand with an under-display camera sensor. It is expected that the Mix 5 Pro will also have this new selfie camera technology.

In this way, a beautiful full screen experience can be created – without a notch or punch hole in the screen. There is still some uncertainty about the camera resolution. In any case, it seems certain that it will be a higher resolution image sensor than its predecessor.

In addition, there has been talk for some time about the possible integration of a 48MP under-display front camera. That would be quite a difference from the Mix 4’s 20MP selfie camera – not to mention the difference from the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s 4MP under-panel camera. It looks like Xiaomi has taken the under-display camera technology further. refined, so that it will also be better able to collect sufficient light, for high quality photo and video recordings.

Xiaomi provides its top models with a rounded display that simply looks beautiful to the eye. The screen edges are symmetrical, which also contributes to the stylish character of this device. Notebookcheck recently reported that the Pro model will be equipped with a 6.73″ AMOLED display with a WQHD+ resolution and an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. The display has a peak brightness of 1500 nits. The screen is most likely protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. HDR10 will also be supported as well as Dolby Vision.

Large round camera set-up

The rear of the Mix 5 Pro seems to be at least as controversial as the front. I am of course talking about the camera, which is completely redesigned and very eye-catching. The design also resembles the Honor Magic 3 series – those devices are also equipped with a gigantic round camera set-up.

Regarding the configuration, there has been talk for some time about the integration of a 50 megapixel wide-angle camera. The new Samsung ISOCell GN5 image sensor will probably be used for this, which enables improved Dual Pixel Pro autofocus. It is the successor of the ISOCell GN2, which is used in the Mi 11 Ultra.

Knowing Xiaomi, the other cameras will also be equipped with a high-resolution image sensor. It is expected to adopt a 48MP ultra-wide camera and a 48MP periscopic telephoto zoom in addition to the 50MP main camera. The latter will enable at least 5x optical zoom and cover a large digital zoom range.

Xiaomi Mix 5 camera

Details about the fourth camera lens (which is placed centrally at the top) remain unknown for the time being. Xiaomi could opt for a second zoom lens – as we also know from the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – or for a monochrome camera – as with the Huawei P50 Pro. However, it is also possible that this is not a camera, but a different type of sensor.

To the right of this fourth ‘camera’ there is also an unknown camera or sensor – with exactly the same rectangular shape. Then two more sensors are visible on the right side, which together form the dTOF laser autofocus system. Further to the bottom is a triple LED flash – as we know from the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.

The Xiaomi Mix 5 and 5 Pro will probably also be the first devices with a Leica-branded camera. The renowned German lens manufacturer Leica has been a partner of Huawei for a long time. This collaboration came to an end last year, since then Leica has collaborated with the Japanese Sharp – for the Aquos R6 with 1” sensor. In addition, there have been rumors for some time that Leica has found a partner in Xiaomi.

Although the recently introduced Xiaomi 12 series are not equipped with Leica optics, it cannot be ruled out that the Mix 5 series will be equipped with a Leica camera. The collaboration between Huawei and Leica has always been very successful and the latest Sharp also has a particularly impressive camera. We are therefore very curious what the collaboration with Xiaomi will result in.

Xiaomi Mix 5

Surge C2 Image Processing Processor

The camera has become an increasingly important part of the smartphone in recent years. Phones are now standard equipped with multiple cameras, combined with smart algorithms that contribute to extra good image quality.

The image processing processor, or the ISP (Image Signal Processor), takes care of the processing of the images. A good ISP is therefore essential to be able to perform image processing quickly and efficiently. More and more manufacturers seem to choose to develop their own ISP. Xiaomi is one of those manufacturers.

At the time of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold foldable smartphone, the company introduced its first image processing processor, the Surge C1. According to the website Xiaomilui, the Mix 5 Pro will have the second generation, the Surge C2 ISP. Unfortunately, it remains unknown which improvements will be made.

Xiaomi smartphone

Also in the audio field, the Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro will not disappoint. The smartphone is expected to be equipped with stereo speakers that will be tuned by audio specialist Harman Kardon – which has been part of Samsung since 2017. We have already seen the first results of this collaboration with the Mi 11. With the Mi Mix 4, Hi-Res Wired and Wireless support was added.

Furthermore, it is likely that Xiaomi’s new top model will be powered by the extremely powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 – which can also be found in the Xiaomi 12 (Pro). This high-end chipset will be used in many flagship smartphones in the coming period, from various brands. Xiaomi seems to be planning to integrate 12GB LPDRR5 RAM and 256GB storage memory. In addition, the Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro will undoubtedly support the 5G mobile internet network.

Like all other Xiaomi phones, the device will run on the Android operating system. It concerns version Android 12, in combination with the MIUI 13 user interface. Xiaomi has also started rolling out MIUI 13 on existing smartphone models. Earlier this month, the company made it clear which phones can expect an update to MIUI 13, based on Android 12, this quarter.

Xiaomi 12U

Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro delivered with 200W charger

As we are used to from the Chinese manufacturer, the device will also be equipped with a large battery that can be recharged at lightning speed. Presumably, the Mix 5 Pro will be equipped with an approximately 5,000mAh built-in battery. It is expected to support 200W wired and 50W wireless charging.

This lightning-fast fast-charging technology was already announced in May 2021, at the time the company indicated that mass production will take place in 2022. With a 200W charger you can fully recharge an empty phone battery in just 10 minutes.

Another big advantage, Xiaomi still provides a charger in the sales package – also with the high-end models. It is also not about a slow charger – as Samsung often does with the A-series smartphones. Thanks to the supplied charger, you can immediately take full advantage of the possibilities that the device offers.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra 5G smartphone

The Xiaomi Mix 5 series is likely to be officially announced in China in March 2022. Many hope that this line-up will eventually be released internationally. However, details about this are unknown. The Mi Mix 4 is not available outside of China. The Mi Mix 3 introduced in 2019, on the other hand, is, you can still buy this device in the Netherlands.

We are still in the dark about the price. The Mi Mix 4 was put on the market for a competitive starting price of about €660 (5,000 CNY), with a choice of three colors: Ceramic White, Ceramic Black and Ceramic Gray. Xiaomi may again opt for a ceramic back panel, which is stronger and less fingerprint-sensitive than glass.

Xiaomi mobile phone

Note to publishers : The Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro product renders presented in this article are created by graphic designer Parvez Khan – aka Technizo Concept. The 3D renders are based on the latest rumors. This product is not (yet) for sale. Xiaomi is expected to introduce the Mix 5 series in March 2022. You can use the copyrighted images for your own website, YouTube and/or social media channels, please be so respectful to include a clickable source link into your publication.