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With just 3 years of presence in the country, the Chinese company Xiaomi is the leader in smartphone shipments in Colombiathis was revealed by Canalys and pointed out that the company in first place in the industry at a national level in the first quarter of this year has a market share of 32 percent.

In Latin America, Xiaomi consolidated its third place, with a 14 percent share and year-over-year growth of 18 percent (the highest among the top 3 players on a regional scale); while on a global level the company reinforced its presence as one of the three most important brands in the industry in smartphone shipments, with a market share of 13 percent, and an annual growth of 20 percent, surpassed only by Samsung ( 24 percent) and Apple (18 percent).

The history of the name

According to Jun Lei, the founder of Xiaomithe brand’s mission is to provide people with cell phones that have cutting-edge technology like a Samsung or an iPhone, but at a low price.

The name is derived from two words: Xiao which means small, while the word ‘Mi’ is rice.

Thus, Xiaomi would be read as ‘Little rice’, the intention of the name is based on the consumption habits of Asians since rice is not lacking in homes and therefore the meaning of the brand, since it has the purpose of that Smartphones are also a universal product and that it is not lacking in every home.

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