Xiaomi’s air compressor is back on Amazon for 35 euros: probably the best car accessory you can buy

The Xiaomi air compressor It is a must buy for anyone who does not have any such compressor. A priori, it helps you to give air to the wheels of the car. But it also has a battery, so It is completely portable and you do not need to plug it into the cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle.

Although it had been out of stock on Amazon, it is now available again by selling it directly from the online store for its usual price of 35 euros. It is the best way to buy it making sure it is original, that we bought a new unit, and that in case of warranty problems we can claim that they send us a new and adequate one or that they give us a refund.

Get this Xiaomi air compressor for 35 euros on Amazon

Usually one thinks that the air compressor will use it in the event of a wheel breakdown such as a puncture. But it does not have to be like that. One of the main risk factors when we go on a trip is tires with inadequate pressure. You can go to a gas station to check the pressure, but it is something that many times we do not pay enough attention. Yes we have an air compressor like this it is much easier.

And is that the compressor we only have to enter the pressure figure that we want the tire to reach. It only inflates the wheels to that pressure level automatically, without us even having to pay attention, stopping when it reaches the selected figure. Then we just have to repeat the same process with the next wheel.

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If he air compressor is 100% charged we will have plenty of autonomy to inflate the wheels of several cars, so that won’t be a problem. With such a device, it is not difficult to adjust the pressure of the wheels before going on a trip.

Of course we can also use this Xiaomi air compressor for other vehicles with inflatable wheels, such as motorcycles or bicycles, or the same electric scooter from Xiaomi or others.

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Further, it is a good option to inflate a soccer ball, or an inflatable mattress, which makes it an ideal purchase also to take on trips.

By only 35 euros, which is what it costs right now on Amazon, It is an ideal purchase at an affordable price and with all the guarantees that buying in the well-known online store gives.

Get this Xiaomi air compressor for 35 euros on Amazon

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