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Fast charging is one of the great inventions and improvements that technology has given us in recent years, since It has allowed millions of users to rest for just 20 or 30 minutes to return to activity with the smartphone half full, with 50% battery and ready to face what we have left of the day. That if we have the appropriate charger because in the case of Apple devices, and except for the “Pro” models of 2019, they do not bring the compatible charger in the box so if we want to acquire it, we must make an additional payment of 60 euros .

The fact is that the fast charging technology is accelerating over the months and, in the case of Xiaomi, one of the laggards when it comes to introducing this technology in its terminals, we already knew that it was trying to overcome barriers, which he got a few months ago when he showed the world his bet of 100W capable of filling a battery whole (about 4,000 mAh.) in just 15 minutes. Specifically 17.

The fastest mobile will arrive soon

Although that border had already been reached by the Chinese, The news that comes now is that what was seen in that demonstration already has its translation in a model which will land in stores in the near future. A smartphone Xiaomi that will incorporate that 100W Super Charge Turbo and that some media are beginning to point out what it will be.

Xiaomi's next thing will be a mobile that charges in 15 minutes, which one?

According to analysts closest to the company, the Chinese are already preparing their first phone to be sold in stores with that ultra-fast charging capacity of 100W, capable of charging half the battery in just eight minutes, and fully filling it. in 17. A number that gives vertigo and that cIt will make the lucky device virtually inexhaustible when it comes to performance.

Those same people who already predict the arrival of the first mobile with 100W fast charge from the Chinese, venture to give the name of the range that will carry it. Aim: It will be the Xiaomi Mi Mic 4, which could be presented in August with this fast charge that would make it the fastest charging terminal on the entire planet. Above any other you have seen so far in stores.

Precisely, one of the culprits that point to achieving similar figures, is one of the processors that Qualcomm prepares for the next generation of smartphones gaming. It would be the Snapdragon 875 that would have this 100W charging capacity that portends for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. We will see what brands adopt it and when the first terminals arrive to take advantage of those monstrous figures.



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