Xitlali Castro – The Commentary

Despite the public complaints in that at the State Center for Blood transfusion of Colima has thrown the blood for not having the reagent to preserve it, the director of the civil organization Compulsive DonorsXitlali Castro, indicated that they will continue to promote the culture of donation and who should be responsible for this issue is the director of said Center.

“That would be very important for us to see with the director of the bank (Blood Transfusion Center). Our work is foment the culture from altruistic donation of blood, to bring the service closer to the population so that it is much more practical and faster for them to donate or replace a unit,” he said.

Xitlali Castro said that once the donation is made, the person in charge of the blood units is the Blood Transfusion Center and considered that its director will have no problem reporting on this topic.

The director of Compulsive Donors He commented that they are aware of the complaints in relation to the fact that the blood was being thrown away at the Blood Transfusion Center for not having the reagent to preserve it; however, he considered that it is up to other authorities to follow up on that complaint.

“We are more than focused on continuing to make match con educational institutions and others, like now with the workers of the Municipality of Colimathe important thing is to move forward and if there is any inconvenience in the operational part of the Center, I believe that the state authorities must address that situation”, he explained.