Xperia XZ2 Premium: Sony finally equips a smartphone with a dual camera module

Xperia XZ2 Premium: Sony finally equips a smartphone with a dual camera module

Will Sony finally catch up with its endemic slump in mobile photography? The Japanese manufacturer has unveiled its new Xperia XZ2 Premium, successor of the XZ2 which integrates for the first time a dual camera module. This last had been shown at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona , but Sony was unclear about the device that would be equipped.

As one could imagine, it is indeed a high-end model that will be the first beneficiary. The approach is to use two sensors: the 19 megapixel RGB (1 / 2.3 “, 1.22 μm) and another 12 megapixel monochrome (1 / 2.3”, 1.55 μm). The focus of the two lenses remains the same, so do not expect to find an optical zoom.

                                                     – The dual camera module of the XZ2 Premium. With this system, Sony promises outstanding performance in low light, since the sensitivity of the camera can go up to 51,200 ISO photo and 12,800 ISO video. Thresholds where the result should theoretically hold porridge of pixels, but for which Sony claims to have found the right software cure.

Only the monochrome module can be used to capture black and white shots. A portrait mode (called simply “Bokeh mode”) is also promised, usable with both the dual camera module and the 13 megapixel sensor located on the front. These two functions will only come in the third quarter of this year. We note that Huawei also promises that his P20 Pro will rise to 51,200 ISO.

Sony plays big

The parallel between the Chinese and Japanese brand does not stop there, since Sony’s approach finally resembles that used by Huawei for its P9, released in 2016. Apart from the phenomenal rise in ISO, the Chinese smartphone also offered a RGB sensor, another monochrome and a similar focal length for both lenses.

Sony has an interest in looking after its ISO management if it wants to have a strong argument to offer to its customers. Since 2016, the double camera modules have multiplied or even banalized and Huawei has just unsheathed a triple for the first time on its P20 Pro . Compared to the Xperia XZ2, Sony also promises other hardware enhancements, such as a 5.8-inch 4K HDR display, 6 GB of RAM, and a 3540 mAh battery. Price and availability have not been announced by the manufacturer yet.

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