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XV of France: Demba Bamba lives "a crazy thing"

His phone has not stopped ringing. "I also received notifications on social networks that I could not answer for the moment," lists the young Demba Bamba (21 years, 6 selections). On the stroke of 11:30, this Tuesday morning the right pillar of Brive, a native of Saint-Denis, discovered on television that the coach of the XV of France Jacques Brunel had decided to summon him to prepare for the World Cup in Japan (20 September-2 November) with 36 other players.

What was your reaction to the announcement of your call in the group of 37 to prepare for the World Cup?

DEMBA BAMBA. It's a crazy thing. I was hoping deep inside me but until your name is pronounced, you are sure of nothing. Selected among the Blues, it was already very good. But theā€¦

It's the World Cup coming up …

Yes. During the season, my feelings were good, I progress but I repeat the World Cup, it was far from conceivable. In November when I was summoned for the tour, I spent the first two games watching from the stands. And then I play the last game we lose against Fiji (Editor's note: 14-21). It hurts to start like this. I was happy with my selection but at the same time disgusted with defeat. It was a weird feeling.

What did your loved ones tell you?

My parents are super happy and told me it was deserved. I left very early from home (NDLR: to 16 years to join Brive) and they see that I made a lot of effort and sacrifices. And that pays.

How are you after your operation?

I had surgery on a cervical hernia. I am currently recovering in Lyon with my new club. There was a risk that by having me operate I'm not fit for the World Cup. But I think I did very well to follow the advice of the doctors. I am not entitled to any contact until mid-August.

Is it a big mark of confidence to call you despite your injury?

Yes. They gave me my chance. It's up to me to grab it and prove that the coaches were right to choose me.

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