Yacaerán achieved his fifth consecutive victory in the Phoenix Handicap

Yacaerán, ridden by jockey Jorge Luís Peralta, won today by one and a half lengths over Tan Brujo the Phoenix Handicap, a 1,000-meter test with a prize of 1,140,000 pesos that was played in the tenth round of the meeting at the San Isidro racetrack.

The winner, a son of Santillano, paid a dividend of 2.25 per ticket and used a time of 56s 86/100 for the grass straight.

Humor Sabatino took the lead at the start and set the times of the race. He was followed by León Americano, Tan Brujo and Yacaerán. Santos Davos did further back.

Already in the final 300 meters, Yacaerán put strong pressure on the pointer Humor Sabatino and went towards the puck. On the outer side of the track, the winner crossed the puck firmly and left Tan Brujo behind, who in turn defeated Humor Sabatino by the head

The partials were 21s 64/100 for the 400 meters and 44s 62/100 for the 800 meters. Yacaerán got -in this way- his fifth consecutive victory and his record is 6 official wins out of 21 races.

Much merit of Yacaerán’s present goes to his coach Fabíán David. The horse, in the ride, was 10 points and this was demonstrated on the track.