Yahaira Plasencia is honest about her rumored infidelity to Jefferson Farfán: “I’ve cried a lot”

Yahaira Plasencia will talk to Andrea Llosa about her toxic relationships. (Photo: Composition Infobae)

Andrea Llosa will soon premiere its new program Mujeres Poderosas on the ATV signal. Although it was initially speculated that the first special guest would be Melissa Paredes, it was confirmed shortly after that yahaira plasencia It is the figure that will speak with the television host about toxic relationships.

In a promotional preview, the salsa singer can be heard talking about the media pressure she suffered at the time, the same one that seriously affected her mental health to the point of causing depression.

“They criticize women too much. I have been hospitalized for literally two months for depression.he confessed to Andrea Llosa.

However, the moment that caught the most attention was when the journalist directly asked yahaira plasencia if he was unfaithful or not Jefferson FarfanPeruvian soccer player with whom he had a back-and-forth love relationship.

“I already cried a lot, I already endured a lot… A 22-year-old girl, now, that they put that pressure on her, she can’t stand it and she kills herself,” he commented.

Yahaira Plasencia is honest about her rumored infidelity to Jefferson Farfán | VIDEO: ATV / Powerful Women

This is not the first time yahaira plasencia talks about the rumors that he had cheated on Jefferson Farfan in the past. In August 2021, the sauceboat considered it a “mistake” to have been unfaithful to her ex-partner.

“I made a mistake, yes. But it wasn’t like they said.”, said in an interview with Milagros Leiva. “I discussed it with him and enough that my family, him and his family know how things really happened. I don’t blame anyone. If things happened as they had to happen, they did. All that at 22 years old made me strong”.

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Jefferson Farfan saw for the first time yahaira plasencia in one of the concerts of Son Tentación, in 2015. Dazzled by the voice and movements of the sauce boat, he contacted her through his cousin. In September of that same year, shortly after announcing her breakup with Melissa KlugFarfán made public his romance with the ‘queen of the totó’.

Since then, the ‘white woman from Chucuito’ assured that Plasencia got into their relationship because they “texted” when they were still together. The sauce boat denied these statements and she continued her romance with the athlete.

In 2016, the soccer player Jerson Reyes confessed in El Valor de la Verdad that he had an intimate encounter with the singer, when she had a relationship with Jefferson. After these controversial statements, the artist sued the soccer player for more than 10 thousand dollars. However, this did not proceed and she confirmed shortly after that her relationship with Farfán had ended.

However, four years later they reconciled. His last breakup happened in 2020 and was Yahaira who announced it. “You know that there is a lot of love for him and his family. I am calm, very calm with my work, focused on my career. Now my priority is me”said.

Yahaira Plasencia assured that Jefferson Farfán is not the love of her life.
Yahaira Plasencia assured that Jefferson Farfán is not the love of her life.


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