Yamaha E01 Electric Motorcycle Has a Fast Charging Feature, 1 Full Hour

JAKARTA, – It is said that the Yamaha E01 electric motorcycle will soon start road tests in Indonesia before 2023. Currently, the motorcycle has passed homologation, while tests are carried out to test the advantages and desires of consumers.

Asst General Manager Marketing – Public Relations of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) Antonius Widiantoro said, one of the superior features of the E01 is that it will have a fast charging feature.

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“Later E01 will have fast charging for 1 full hour. (Charging) 1 hour will be cut off at 90 percent. But to prepare it, it also requires installation, so we are also trying to put it where, what will the charging look like, ” said Anton when met in Bogor, West Java, recently.

Dock. YIMM Yamaha E01 electric motorcycle

However, Anton did not specify the battery specifications used in the E01 and what type of charger was used. Anton also did not reveal details about specifications such as how long it takes the battery to use a regular charger.

“That’s what we want to explore, Indonesian consumers want what kind of EV. The E Vino has been seen with a battery swap system that can be replaced but the distance is short, but now it’s a medium one with a charging system,” he said.

“(Electric motorbikes) from 2017-2022 have developed very rapidly, now motorbikes are getting farther and the distances for cars are the same. If you look at which cars have changed batteries, all charging, the distance is far, and they want fast charging,” said Anton .

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Yamaha E01 aka Electric NMAXDock. Yamaha Yamaha E01 aka Electric NMAX

A little about the specifications, the E01 has three driving modes that the driver can choose from, including Power, Standard, and Eco modes.

The Power Mode puts out 8.1 kW of power and 30.2 Nm of torque. The speed can also touch 100 kph. Then Standard mode with 8.1 kw of power but the torque is reduced to 24.5 Nm. The maximum speed that can be achieved in this mode is the same as the Power mode.

As for Eco mode, the maximum power that can be issued is only 5.4 kW and the torque is only able to reach 21.4 Nm. However, the amount is still greater than the Nmax torque which produces 13.9 Nm.

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