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Yamaha MT 09 by Cyril at Yamaha Raff Moto in Anglet

by archyw

After a life of biker riding single cylinders, Cyril switched to a 3 cylinder, that of the Yamaha MT 09. He tells us at Raff Moto about this radical change of course. Everything changes, the type of engines and the kind of motorcycle for his first Yamaha.

Cyril: I have a Yamaha MT 09 from 2017. What I liked was the design. This color, we don’t see it often, you have to know how to assume it (laughs). The 3-cylinder engine was the icing on the cake. I had never ridden with a 3 cylinder before, it is a complete discovery and this is my first Yamaha. Just before I had a KTM and for over 25 years in Honda. I had a Duke 690 for the mountains. The MT 09 is heavier but it has other amenities. Already the fact that it is not a single cylinder, I have almost only had single cylinders in my life, it is my first multi cylinder if I may say so. Before, it was enduro or trail. I have always restrained myself since I was young not to take this kind of thing, and then you settle down as you get older (laughs). I only knew 2 positions on a handle when I was young.

What are you doing with your Yamaha MT 09?

Cyril: Motorcycles are mostly summer, a bit to go to work, of course the ride and then the fun, it’s something that is personal depending on the moment. I’m a fake biker as my peers say because I don’t go out when it rains and if it’s not 20 degrees I don’t go out (note: that’s good, after 10 days of cold and rain, it was high summer that weekend in the Basque country). In winter we can also a little, we have good times, the amplitude is quite important here. I didn’t hesitate with the Tracer, it was the design even if it’s getting a little old now.

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