Yamaha’s New Scooter Challenges Honda Scoopy, Superior 125 Cc Hybrid Engine


Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid instrument panel

Otomotifnet.com – Yamaha’s new scooter challenges the Honda Scoopy, superior to using a 125 cc hybrid engine.

Not to mention having a luggage capacity under the seat reaches 27 liters.

Called challenging Honda Scoopy because the genre of Yamaha’s 125 cc hybrid scooter is also retro modern and uses 12-inch wheels.

By Yamaha, this hybrid scooter is named the 2021 version of the Grand Filano Hybrid which will launch in Thailand in July 2021.

Incidentally this Thai version is only updated in terms of color.

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Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid

Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid

But don’t underestimate the modern features attached to this Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid.

Call it the Power Assist Hybrid which is a conventional gasoline engine combined with power assist or an additional boost of electric motor power.

Basically, the Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid carries an air-cooled and injected 125 cc engine with 8.2 hp and 10.3 Nm of torque.

Similar to the engine used on the Yamaha Freego or Mio series. But on this motorbike, advanced Smart Motor Generator (SMG) starter technology has been embedded.

This SMG has been used in the All New NMAX and All New Aerox 155. In principle, the starter dynamo is integrated with the ignition and charging magnets on the motor.


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